Bride gives birth to triplets on wedding day

A bride headed straight from the registry office to the maternity hospital in her white dress and gave birth to triplets. Roman Starodubtsev from the city of Katav-Ivanovsk did not imagine that from one day to the next, he would suddenly have a family of four.

Roman and Alena Starodubtsev took a long time before deciding to make their relationship official. Cohabitation suited them both completely. However, just before the appearance of additional family members, one month before the babies were due, they decided to go to the registry office anyway. Nobody suspected that the youngsters would decide to give their parents a surprise on their very wedding day.

The registry office staff reacted to the young couple with understanding and decided to register them without delay. “We went out into the street, happy and satisfied and decided to celebrate the occasion,” remembers Alena. “Romka opened a bottle of champagne, declared a toast, and just then, my waters broke.”

Alena had planned to give birth in a maternity hospital three hours away from the registry office. Half way there, their car was unexpectedly caught up in a kilometre-long traffic jam. Meanwhile, Alena’s contractions were becoming stronger, so Roman called the emergency services from his mobile phone.

To the couple’s great surprise, the first help to arrive for some reason consisted not of doctors but policemen from a nearby post. “They turned on their siren and took me all the way to the maternity hospital,” explained Alena. “The medical staff got a terrible fright; they thought they had brought the daughter of some big wheel. In fact, it was an ordinary shop assistant from a small provincial town that had been brought there.”

The Starodubtsevs were not expecting just one child. Having carried out an ultrasound scan, the doctors had warned them that there would be two boys. When Alena gave birth to her little heroes, the doctor went into the waiting room and informed Roman that his wife had given birth to triplets. The newly-fledged dad asked in surprise whether he really had a third child. Understanding the groom’s confusion, the doctor, with a smile, asked him not to doubt his words.

According to maternity pediatrician Natalya Drozdovaya, the little Starodubtsevs are real heroes. Their combined weight adds up to almost six kilograms. However, they are in need of prolonged recovery treatment and continuous observation, informed Sinegore newspaper.

The 24-year-old mother was discharged from the maternity hospital within days. Alena traveled to Katav-Ivanovsk in order to organize a room for the children and buy the necessary things for their third son, together with her husband and the grandparents. In a week, she will return to her babies in Chelyabinsk and stay with them until they are discharged from the hospital.

Oksana Anikina

Translated by Leila Wilmers

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov