20 ways to become a sex goddess

Lately the term femme fatale has been falling out of circulation. It is small wonder since today’s woman is far too tired to play that role after a 10-hour work day, not to mention the regular household duties e.g. cleaning and cooking. It is pretty regretful that women have stopped using her charms altogether. Now it is time to dust off a few things nature endowed the woman with:

Say a few words to your partner before going to bed. Any words will do, sex innuendoes are not necessarily required. But try and say those words in a real sexy voice, sounding low and somewhat smutty.

Do not wear your pajamas or nightshirt after taking a bath or shower. Just slip on your nightgown, preferably a short one, without wiping off the beads of water on your skin. Let your gown reveal the most captivating parts of your body.

Work on your nighttime gait, make as sexy as it gets. Try and sway your hips a little as your walk, and do not forget to keep your back straight up so that you breasts may look more zestful.

A whiff of fresh sweat can enhance mutual enjoyment during the foreplay. We are not going to encourage you to do a little workout before making love. Consider a bit of frolicking on the rug.

Coin a nickname for yourself. Something nice, sweet and appetizing. Your partner does not have to be aware of it. Your secret frivolous name will surely turn you on. It will also give a boost to the production of pheromones in your body.

Cough up a little more than usual and buy some classy lingerie, satin and lace, or even silk and lace. Again, you do not have to show it to your partner. You will certainly get into a sensual mood by feeling the touch of luxurious lingerie on your skin.

Stop sitting on the fence and go to it as your man approaches you in the kitchen or dining room, totally unaware of your naughty intentions. Give him a little pinch on the butt. Or slip your hand down his pants.

Forget about your housecoat for a couple of days. Wear hot pants and a low-cut top instead. And leave your undies in the dresser. Start up a conversation as if to show off a big thrill you get out of wearing your outfit with nothing underneath.

Draw up a plan of sudden sex attack. No man can resist a woman who gently runs her hand round his family jewels as he stands near the window with a newspaper in his hand, ostensibly trying to concentrate on the headline news.

Put on a see-thru dress and position yourself against the light. Soon you will see what happens next.

Buy yourself a housecoat or evening gown with lots of tiny buttons on it. Do a bit of unbuttoning as he happens to cast a glance in your direction.

Do you remember the last time when you looked him in the eye? A direct “lewd” look in your eyes can work wonders. He is most likely to ask you what you are getting at. You should put the fat into the fire and tell him something like: “I was just wondering if you feel as horny as I do…”

An impromptu erotic dancing is always welcome. You might as well start moving your body lasciviously to some soft tune while washing the dishes.

On a special night steer clear of your hairdryer, hair gel and the like. Climb out of the shower and let your glossy hair down. Then put on your slinky lingerie and indulge yourself in a wild yet tender fantasy.

Switch into a slow-motion mode, swing lazily around the room as you sip at your wine from a huge glass.

Play a little domination game, especially if you have been pretty “passive” recently. Do not be afraid to act on your own initiative. Ignore his lame excuses like “The timing for making out is slightly wrong, can’t you see that?” Punish him every time he tries to shirk from doing what he must. Forget the consequences, lead him to the couch and make him stumble. Mount him and strangle him a bit.

Play a coquette and keep on flirting in an energetic way. Slowly but surely rehash your old ways of behavior, go purring and giggling like you did a century ago, shortly after you started dating him.

Remove all the towels from the bathroom before he takes a shower. He will surely ask you to bring one in. Bring him more than a towel – step into the bathroom.

Do not wear a lot of makeup at night while in your apartment. Spare your skin for awhile. Just put a dab of lip gloss on your lips.

Sleep in the nude. You can feel like a real woman only if you lie naked on the bed next to a man. So you say you just bought him a pair of warm pajamas? Then start reading these guidelines one more time.

Oksana Anikina

Translated by Guerman Grachev

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov