Woman finds happy family life with tiny man on crutches

Irina Nelepova experienced the true happiness of family life only when she found a man who was 65 centimeters smaller than her. In spite of the fact that Pavel is a person of a very small stature, he turned out to be the real man who could give the woman love and support that she needed in her hour of need.

Irina was too young when she married her first man. Being only 16 years of age, she felt that she had found the true love of her life even if she dated the man only four times. When the wedding celebrations were over, the girl’s husband revealed a different side of his character. The man, named as Viktor, was obsessed with jealousy. He started beating his young wife and even threatened her with a knife. He did not change his attitude to Irina even when she gave birth to two sons. Irina was suffering from family violence for 20 years for the sake of her children.

One fine day Irina’s friend offered her to meet a man who would never be able to hurt anyone, not even a fly. When Irina saw Pavel for the first time, she was speechless. However, the tiny man with curly hair seemed to be so natural and sincere, which made Irina stop thinking about his height and crutches on which he was walking.

When Irina saw Pavel for the second time, she thought that he was the man that she was so dreaming of. Their affairs lasted for almost two years in front of Irina’s husband. Viktor could simply not believe that his wife was dating a dwarfish man on crutches.

Pavel was not a monk prior to his acquaintance with Irina. He grew up in a well-to-do family. He was a good driver, had many friends and never had any complexes about his disease – imperfectly formed leg bones. The man became a shoemaker and managed to receive very good financial profit from his occupation.

It goes without saying that Pavel was a disabled person. His life was quite monotonous and boring before he met Irina. He realized that he would have to fight for this woman, but he was determined to win the battle. Irina and Pavel got married only three years later. Irina’s and Pavel’s friends refused to treat their relationship seriously at first. When they realized that it was a true love affair, they simply stopped communicating with them. Irina’s two sons, however, were happy to accept the new father.

Irina started a whole new life. She finally obtained the new family which could live well without fights and quarrels. She does not feel shy to appear with her small husband in public although she is 169 cm high and Pavel is only 104 cm. She can easily hug and kiss him in the street and she does not feel ashamed of it. Quite on the contrary - she feels happy.

Oksana Anikina

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov