Doctors remove big nail from two-year old boy’s head

Doctors from the town of Usolye, the Irkutsk region, performed a unique operation without using the up-to-date medical equipment.

A man rushed into the local children’s hospital carrying a little boy in his hands. “Please, help! My son is dying,” the man screamed. Doctors saw a big nail sticking out of the boy’s head.

The Nikitins family went out of town last weekend. The parents were cooking dinner while their son, a two-year-old boy Danila, was running about the yard. When running, Danila stumbled upon a water pipe and fell down on an old wooden board with a big nail sticking out of it. The boy’s head hit the board very hard, the nail pierced through his skull bone and went two centimeters into the brain.

“Danila’s father is a rescuer. He knew that he should not do anything himself to pull the nail out of the boy’s head,” one of the doctors said.

That was the first incident when the doctors of a small provincial hospital had to come across such a serious trauma. Nevertheless, they decided to operate the boy. The chief surgeon of the Usolye hospital, Nikolai Popov, contacted neurosurgeons in the regional center of Irkutsk for consultations.

“It took us one hour to perform the operation. We hardly believed that the boy would be able to survive. We do not have any modern medical equipment here for such serious operation. We don’t even have a computerized tomographic system at the hospital. The surgeons were working at random. Their intuition was all they had,” a doctor said.

When the operation was over, the doctors realized that Danila would be safe and sound. The boy is currently recovering from the operations. Medics say that he will be able to play with his toys again soon.

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Komsomolskaya Pravda

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov