Frigidity and impotence: sex myths made up by doctors

The majority of sexual disorders spring from the preposterous myths. We hereby get down to exposing the myths.

Myth No 1

A woman in her old age looks better if she was frigid in her prime

According to medical statistics, 30% of women suffer from the lack of sexual desire. One can even get comfort from these appalling figures: the phenomenon should be regarded as some kind of a norm since the number of frigid women is so high (every third woman is on the list). One might as well cite the case of Marilyn Monroe for effect. The famous movie star looked very sexual but her sexuality was only skin-deep. Deep down inside, she was “somewhat” frigid. Like, you know, there are many other virtues aside from sex. Study metaphysics or read Dostoevsky. As for sex, women do not need it anyway. All they need is a feeling of love.

In reality, a sexually unsatisfied woman is a hysterical creature who tends to weep for no particular reason. She apparently enjoys stirring up trouble, all her screaming and shouting at the slightest opportunity is, without doubt, an alternative to having sex.

“There’re no frigid women. There’re sick persons who use the heat of their souls for making ice,” says Mikhail Litvak, a psychotherapist and author of the best-selling book The Principle Of Sperm. “A fridge and a heater are powered by the same energy. Smash the fridge, and the heater will turn on automatically. At times women do have the lack of sexual desire, which is a sign of a grave mental disease. A woman affected by such a disease doesn’t care about sex because she doesn’t about life in the first place,” adds Litvak.

Myth No 2

A man is supposed to kindle a lustful fire in a woman while making love

A man can not be a hindrance to having sex in a proper way (actually, we always shared this point of view – Editor’s note). It is childhood complexes that can keep a woman from taking pleasure in lovemaking. A woman just can not unwind, let her hair down when it comes to sexual activity due to certain dogmas and prohibitions forced on her by her parents. The case of Marilyn Monroe comes in handy. The poor creature’s mother was mentally ill, her father vanished without a trace, and her stepfather raped the future movie star when she was just 8. A normal sexuality can not be born of such an explosive cocktail. A woman who goes through similar overwhelmingly stressful events should be treated by a physician or a psychiatrist, a husband simply can not cure her. We would like to take the opportunity to mention yet another popular fallacy. They say that love can cure any sexual dysfunction. We agree that love is a beautiful feeling. Still, you had better seek professional medical attention for treatment of your neuroses stemming from your own childhood.

Myth No3

Abstinence from sex is good for you

Some men cite the case of some ancient Chinese who maintained that men would have lived a longer life had they abstained from having sex. No wonder the Chinese spread those inventions – they have to tackle the problem of overpopulation in China one way or another. But we have our own destiny.

Making love at least twice a week is a must for a healthy man. An active sex life is the best way of preventing the development of prostatitis and adenoma of the prostrate gland. The life expectancy of Russian men is decreased due to a lack of sexual activity. The results of a recent research on the subjectindicate that men who havesex on a regular basis tend to live longer than those who have it occasionally.

Housewives have more fun

According to British researchers, housewives get more pleasure from having sex than women who work for a company. Besides, housewives have sex every day despite performing their housekeeping duties for 10-15 hours a day. Women who work hard and overtime normally have sex less than once a week.

According to Global Sex Survey, 59% of Russians are happy about their sex life.

Myth No 4

A failure leads to another failure

“From my point of view, men who believe they’re impotent resemble those ‘sex weightlifters’ who have failed to lift a weight,” says Mikhail Litvak. “In a sense, they spent all their strength on their reflections about the lack of strength.”

“The phrase “I am an impotent male” is stuck deep inside his head, and therefore he can’t start a conversation with a girl who takes his fancy. That’s the reason why he has no guts to invite her to his place or come up with some elaborate romantic intrigue. If that’s your case you should fist stop finding faults with yourself. And I’m certain that you’ll pull it off soon.”

“My friend hadn’t make love to his wife for several years. His wife became a “certified” frigid woman while he referred to himself as an impotent man. One day he fell in love with another woman and soon got a divorce. Right after divorcing his wife, my friend’s sexual potency just went through the roof. His new girlfriend (a woman who apparently has a relish for recreational sex) even asked him jokingly to slow down a little.”

Myth No 5

Having sex twice a week is the norm

The above data are released by the Center of the study of issues relating to population, which is based in the Moscow State University. The data are allegedly produced after processing the results of the opinion polls. To be honest, we will not even bother to expose this myth. We just put it down for you to be in the picture.

Myth No 6

Sex stops when you turn 60

An opinion poll shows that 70% of married female pensioners in Moscow continue to lead a sort of sex life. Moreover, every third woman beyond her prime admits to having a sex partner.

At the same time, a lack of sexual desire is the norm for those in their seventies. Well, things like that happen. But the problem is not age-related, it has to do with the general infirmity of the body. The level of hormones dropped as a person grew older. On the other hand, a senior citizen does not have to worry about issues related to procreation. Therefore, all the released hormones get switched to a sex front. The age of retirement is the most sexual time in life. Children are no longer small and helpless, there is no sickening threat of becoming pregnant, and you do not have to spend your precious time on work. You can experience a real sex drive after sixty.

U.S. sexologist Clair Baily maintains that women are unlikely to get an “overdose” of sex. Regular lovemaking can not only make your tummy flatter, it can also burn some fat on your buttocks and improve your posture. You can enjoy sex till the very old age if you manage to cross out the popular myths and prejudices.

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Translated by Guerman Grachev

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov