Pathologist finds his wife among the corpses

It was Alexey’s dream since very childhood to become a doctor. When he graduated from the Medical Academy in Russia’s Yaroslavl and finished the post-graduate course, he failed to find a job with good wages. The only chance to get good money for him was to become a morbid anatomist. The profession was quite good for the young man from the financial point of view. However, he found out that his profession made it difficult for him to find a girl for closer relationship. Indeed, there are just few young women who would not mind to date a man who devotes a great part of his workday to dead bodies.

In the course of time, Alexey got already used to his lonely and single status. From time to time he just enjoyed short-term affairs. One evening he got back home from his work awfully tired and wanted to go to bed earlier. Suddenly, the director of an undertaker’s office called him and asked to bring somebody’s death certificate that stayed in Alexey’s office.

When Alexey came to the place where he worked the lock would not open. Meanwhile, a medicine student who was a part-time watchman at the morgue was inside and in panic tried to conceal the traces of his nigh fun. To while away the time during his night duty, the student brought much beer and invited his girl-friend Anastasia who also studied at the Yaroslavl Medical Academy.

At the height of ‘the night party’ the couple heard that Alexey got back to the office. The unlucky watchman knew that he could loose the job because of that mischief and told his girl that she must hide somewhere until Alexey goes away. Being panic-stricken, Anastasia ran into a room where dead bodies were kept and settled on a table side by side with several dead bodies.

When Alexey finally unlocked the door, the watchman already managed to put the place in order. But the morbid anatomist caught the scent of female perfume and understood there was some other living creature in the morgue. The aroma was stronger than the smell of putrefaction. Alexey decided to search the place and find out if there was someone else there. When he entered the room where corpses were kept he stiffened with astonishment. He saw a wonderful naked girl hiding among dead bodies. The man admired the beauty and could not pronounce a word of swearing as was expected from him. He just stood and gazed at the girl.

Anastasia was the first to speak. She burst out into swearing in the address of her friend, the watchman from the morgue, in the address of Alexey and all men worldwide. When Alexey left the morgue he kept on thinking about the beautiful girl all the way to his home and always smiled. Next day was his day off and Alexey decided to find the girl whom he unexpectedly met last evening and to apologize to her for the absurd situation. He came to the Medical Academy where the girl studied but did not find her there as Anastasia fell ill after the night that she spent naked at the morgue.

Alexey had a chance to see Anastasia once again in a week when she recovered from the disease. When met, both were laughing at the absurd incident and walked about the city all night long. The young man soon realized that he was over head and ears in love with Anastasia.

They got married in a year. The couple is grateful to the story thanks to which they met; they often recollect the incident and tell it to their friends. Alexey jokes about his beautiful wife and says she should not have hoped to hide from him among dead corpses.

Oksana Anikina

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov