Girl loses her memory entirely for no particular reason, doctors perplexed

Medics of Russia's Ekaterinburg have recently witnessed a unique incident in their practice

Doctors conducted a medical examination of a young girl, about 15-17 years old, who suffered from amnesia. The girl said that she could only remember herself when she came to her senses at a local bus terminal in Ekaterinburg. The girl only had keys from the station's left-luggage office, in which law-enforcement officers subsequently found a travel bag with a textbook on biology for 6-11th graders and 150 rubles in cash (about $4.5).

The girl said that she could not understand, where she was staying. She called at a local school, a hospital and even a church, but nobody believed the girl's story and asked her to leave. As a result, the girl went into hysterics. A man picked her up in a street and took the girl to a police station, from where she was taken to a neurological department of a Ekaterinburg hospital.

The patient did not remember her name, she did not know what city was coming from.  It turned out, however, that she could speak English and had very good knowledge of biology and modern literature.

Doctors conducted a toxicological expertise of the girl's brain. The analysis showed that the memory loss was not connected with drug addiction or a cranial injury. The patient was found absolutely healthy. The doctors concluded that the girl was suffering transitory global amnesia. Specialists are trying to identify the girl, although there has been no progress achieved at this point yet, the Novy Region newspaper wrote.

”It is a rather unique incident indeed. People do not lose their memory all of a sudden, without a particular reason for it. We still do not know why the girl's memory was erased. It is not ruled out that the patient has experienced a very serious stress,” chief doctor of the neurological department, Vadim Gusev said. “We hope that the media will help us identify the girl. Her argumentation is reasonable, she reads books by Murakami. I am sure that someone is definitely looking for her,” the doctor added.

In addition, medics say that it is absolutely impossible to explain the reason why the girl does not remember anything about herself at all. “One may even think that she had been a guest to an alien spaceship, where extraterrestrial creatures erased her memory before returning the girl to Earth,” one of the doctors ironically said.

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Author`s name Olga Savka