Christmas fortune-telling showed woman an image of her prospective husband

After two unlucky marriages woman saw her future match in a mirror during Christmas fortune-telling.

Marina Savelyeva, 32, was married twice but both marriages caused her so much trouble and sorrow that the woman no longer trusted men and though happy family life was just a myth. Her children, daughter and son, were the only happy moments of Marina’s marriages.

Marina met her first husband Mikhail under really romantic conditions. The man protected her from some drunken guy who molested her in a café. Mikhail took Marina home and asked for another date. He turned out to be a good company, and the girl agreed to have more dates with him. They got married in three months.

Mikhail was a successful businessman, so he said his wife would not need to work. He wanted Marina to take care of herself and the house, and the idea was agreeable for the girl. But the man behaved as a severe proprietor, and Marina felt she was a bird in a gold cage. Her own wishes and desires were absolutely ignored, she had just to obey to the husband. Mikhail could slap the wife in the face in case he thought something was done improperly about the house.

The situation did not change when Marina gave birth to a son; Mikhail still kept the wife locked up. When the woman attempted to show more resistance to the husband, the man in his turn humiliated her more and more. Soon, Marina’s love to Mikhail changed for dislike. It was clear their future family life would be terrible. It is said there is no escaping fate, and one day being on a business trip Mikhail got in a car crash and tragically died.

Soon, Marina married for the second time. Her new husband was a cheery attractive man who worked as a driver and had to drive about the country. Marina loved the man but the second marriage was even shorter than the first. Vladimir, that was the husband’s name, persuaded Marina to sell her apartment in the city of Samara to buy a new one in Krasnoyarsk. At that time, the couple already had a daughter. Marina did not expect that was a dirty trick and agreed to sell the apartment. The husband took all the money that the family got after selling the apartment and never appeared again. Later, it turned out that Vladimir had one more family in Krasnoyarsk. Marina did not pursue the bigamist. She just took the children and moved to her parents.

Since then, Marina decided to take care only of her children and to be focused on work. Once, her friends invited Marina to have Christmas fortune telling with the mirror. When it was Marina’s turn to have fortune-telling she withdrew to a room next door. At first, she could not see anything at all in her mirror; she wanted to join her friends and say that the fortune-telling was not a success. Suddenly, she saw a wide round face with fiery red hair emerge in the mirror. Marina cried with fear and rushed out of the room.

Soon, Marina forgot about the strange fortune-telling. But her friends felt that Marina was lonely and decided to find a match for her. They posted Marina’s personal data on a website making matches. The young woman had no idea about her friends’ plan and thus was greatly surprised to get a letter from Germany, from a man named Fritz. But Marina was even more stunned when saw his picture: in this picture she once again saw the good-humored face with red hair that she saw in the mirror during Christmas fortune-telling.

Fritz met Marina during his visit to the Russian city of Samara where the young woman lived. When he became a widower his friends told him he could find a lady-love on the Internet. He came across Marina’s picture on the Internet and fell in love with her. Soon after the acquaintance, Fritz made a proposal to Marina and said he would like her and her children came to Germany and live with him. After some hesitation, the woman accepted the proposal and agreed to move to Germany. Now Marina believes that her love will help her and Fritz overcome many problems as she knows the man is destined for her.

Oksana Anikina

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov