Technological progress develops new type of human conduct – technosexuality

As it turns out, the phenomenon of metrosexual men is outdated, in spite of the fact that it appeared just a short time ago

There is no use to enumerate the variety of pleasures that people can find and obtain for themselves. Those pleasures presumably have only one distinguishing feature, as a rule: they can either violate the Penal Code or provoke no legal reaction despite their own perversity. New types of human behavior continue appearing in modern civilization. People have already become accustomed to such new term as metrosexual men, for example. The word designates a straight man, who takes great care of himself, as much as women do. As a rule, metrosexual men live in big cities, such as New York and Moscow.

As it turns out, the phenomenon of metrosexual men is outdated, in spite of the fact that it appeared just a short time ago.

According to the Spanish newspaper La Voz de Galicia, a new type of human beings has recently appeared – technosexuals. Such young men and women can't live without the news about latest technological developments. They pay first priority attention to all technical gadgets that they can see available in stores and can spend much of their time simply looking at them.

A technological addict is usually a man, who has severe problems in communication with other people. The term was introduced by American physicist and mathematician Ricky Montalvo, who had a great passion for technical equipment and information science. This passion defined a technically-addicted person as an up-to-date narcissist, a man of style and technical sophistication. As a matter of fact, the term appeared during the 1970s, although it obtained a sexual motivation just recently.

A nurd has taken a shape of a good-looking stylish man, who hardly has any interest in his own or even in the opposite sex. Such a person is interested in his laptop, latest and most expensive models of cellular phone, plasma TV sets, Bluetooth, and so on and so forth. Such men are not hopeless, though: they can be absolutely happy, if they find a technologically-dependant girl. A technosexual girl can spend days surfing the world wide web, spending hours in chatrooms, buying things on the Internet and playing music on her mp3 player doing those things.

A lot of modern individuals can find vestiges of technosexuality with themselves. Office workers often talk to each other through ICQ or MSN, even if they sit next to each other, for example. The modern technological progress has redesigned romance too: young people send each other electronic greetings cards and use Microsoft Word instead of a pen and a piece of paper to write love letters.

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Author`s name Olga Savka