Blind Russian mystic discerns colors by touch

Blind man Sergei Fetisov from the Russian city of Vladimir can discern colors by touch. He says that he can sense the human aura and say what pain a person suffers from.

Sergei became blind at the age of fourteen out of his own mistake: he worked a handmade pistol and tested it. The weapon exploded right in the boy’s hands. A bullet went into his left eye and ran through almost the entire of the skull. Doctors insisted the patient would not survive but Sergei did. Unfortunately, the tragedy made the boy blind forever.

However, Sergei Fetisov was incredibly energetic; he did not give up and found his own motives to continue living. The man joined the Russian Society of Blind People, learnt to read Braille books and mastered conveyor work. It happened several years ago that Sergei for the first time revealed his unique talent. A woman came to the Society of Blind People and offered blinds to teach them to discern colors by touch. Majority of the Society blinds could not name the colors of cards she showed while Sergei was a success with the task. After persistent training, Sergei learnt to definitely discern any color by touch.

But even close friends of the man were rather skeptical about his talent to ‘see’ colors with his fingers. Once, a female acquaintance asked Sergei to touch her hair and say what color it was. Sergei took the woman’s hair and held it in his hands for too long as he could not say what color exactly it was. The man seemed to be perplexed and then said: “I am afraid your hair is multicolored: it is red and white and black at the same time.” The woman burst out laughing. She said that not long ago she dyed locks of her hair into different colors. Indeed, the colors that Sergei named were also among the queer hair color.

Sergei was greatly surprised when not long ago he revealed some other talent of his; he understood that he could see the aura of a human and say what pain he is suffering from. At that he emphasizes that he cannot diagnose people but just feels if anyone is suffering from headache or toothache. The man can see the aura by touching a man. “The aura is different with different people, but it is never monochromatic. The good aura is of light shades, yellow or red; and the bad aura is colored black or brown,” the man explains.

Sergei does not at all states he is a healer. He adds that sometimes people begin to reveal unique talents after they are seriously injured. Now, Sergei uses every opportunity to go in for sports, swimming, track and field athletics, and tourism.

Chess and checkers are Sergei’s new hobby. Now the blind man can use the regular pieces for the games as he can discern colors by touch.

The head of the Social Rehabilitation Control Department at the Russian Society of Blind People Andrey Bannikov says that sensitiveness of blind people’s fingers is actually very high. People unable to see learn to read Braille books rather quickly, some of them can even read flat texts. But he had never heard before about any blind man who could discern colors by touch. Andrey Bannikov says that none out of the 202,000 blind people of the Society can demonstrate the unique talent. He believes that Sergei Fetisov’s talent may be connected with mysticism or hypnosis.

Oksana Anikina

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov