Russian men compare women drivers with monkeys

The problem of women drivers is a thorn in the side for women and a reason to numerous jokes for men. One can say that it is something that originates from discrimination between males and females. It is considered a usual thing when a drunk man drives a car on a busy highway, but if a woman takes a moment to check her make up in a mirror while driving, people think of it as a potential danger to road traffic. Chauvinistic men compare women drivers with monkeys playing with bombs meaning that you never know where a monkey could throw it.

It goes without saying that women can be highly unpredictable behind the driving wheel as they mix up transmissions and indicator lights. However, it may only turn out that such women just the beginners.

One has to acknowledge that the majority of women drive accurately because women are naturally more responsible than men. For example, Canadian researchers analyzed the statistics of car accidents in the country and found out that middle-aged women are most disciplined drivers.

European specialists analyzed thousands of car accidents on the continent and concluded that women can boast of their excellent driving skills. They can be blamed for only one-third of all of the analyzed misfortunes on the road.

Women tend to obey all kinds of rules, which seems to be an annoying factor for men drivers. As a rule, men respect the traffic rules as well but they also say that they often have to drive according to circumstances. Men like to make fun of women and their typical driving habits although such occurrences are not frequent at all. On the other hand, some women can drive a car and read a book to their kids in the backseat. Others try to knit a sweater while driving. Men consider such things absolutely outrageous although women try to justify their actions saying that they can do several things simultaneously owing to their ‘different brain structure.’

It is generally believed in Russia, for example, that female drivers treat their cars like a tin. Wiping the windshield is considered the maximum what a woman can do trying to take care of her transport means. As a matter of fact, many Russian women show their cars to technicians on a weekly and even daily basis.

The subject of blondes sitting behind the driving wheel gradually loses its popularity too. The assumption of a certain connection between a hair colour and the intellectual development of a female individual has never been viewed as serious. However, there are many blonde females who work as system administrators, webmasters, etc. That said if a blonde easily finds a common language with computers, why cannot she drive a car? It is worthy of note that Swedish car maker Volvo started developing new models of cars meant entirely for women. Those will not be simplified car models, as many males would probably joke. The company is simply working on feminine-looking cars and employed a group of women designers for this purpose.


Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov