Snake and fox qualities make the best wife

Women should be tender always even if husbands do not return tenderness

Psychologists believe it is important to remember that men have a structure different from that of women. Men's nature supposes aggressiveness, force and resoluteness. In real life, men are focused on self-actualization rather than on their family status. This explains why men are often callous, cruel and selfish. Women should understand that men are just a different sex and will never be as delighted with birds and flowers as women. In fact, women basically determine the atmosphere in the family and the type of relations with their husbands. It is a really hard role; to succeed with it, women should employ their artistic and diplomatic skills.

Women should be tender and kind-hearted always even if husbands do not return tenderness. Many women feel they need more attention and love from husbands. So, they focus on babies and pay less attention to husbands, which is a serious mistake indeed. Majority of men are rough by nature; some of them never guess that good-bye kisses, hugs and sweet words mean a lot for women. The psychologist recommends to remain tender towards husbands even if they are awkward with expressing their feelings. Men usually seek love and tenderness outside their families if they feel deprived of these emotions at home. Women should remain tender and caring to win response emotions from husbands. It is necessary to emphasize the importance of doings and words that men do and pronounce in women's address; men should know that compliments are an essential component of women's good spirits. It is even good for women to provoke compliments from men.

It is a mistake to expect men will be exemplary fathers as soon as there is a baby in the family. Women almost always want to be mothers and reveal the desire rather early. On the contrary, men may wish to become fathers too late, even after 40. So, this factor is important when forming a family. Men begin to realize they are fathers as soon as they establish a contact with their babies, in other words, as soon as babies begin to speak and ask questions.

Women must be always good-looking and maintain good emotional and physical condition. Tiredness and spite make hair and complexion unattractive and the step becomes unladylike. If women indulge in family brawls, they may some day feel their stomachs or hearts fail. That is why women should keep negative emotions in. Try to find time and money to maintain the tonus: use aroma therapy, herbal bath, attend a beauty salon. Never carry heavy packages as it makes the figure ugly; instead request your husband to buy large items and emphasize his assistance is particularly important at that.

To have good relations with your husband, never sort out your relations. Any quarrel may fade away if a partner addresses the other partner as DEAR. If one says so, it means he loves you and is ready to compromise with you. Women should help men be well-disposed and non-aggressive.

Women should meet husbands smiling when they get back home from office; first feed them and let have some rest and only then ask them to do something. It is important for women not to demonstrate they are holding the strong position, as it may ruin the family. Men do not like when women behave as if they are strong and responsible for everything; they at first resist this role and then will not take you as a woman.  Men love to be responsible for their women. It is important to compromise in family relations and settle all quarrels with tact and tenderness. Never let men suspect they are sexually unattractive: such words really hurt and may provoke men to become unfaithful.

To maintain good relations in the family, women should be as wise as a snake and as cunning as a fox. Stubbornness often spoils marriages; that is why be particularly tender and careful with stubborn men. Men become softer when women think in harmony with them. When women have everything their own way, they thus spoil their family relations. Let men be the head of the family. It is a really difficult role today, because wives often have higher wages than husbands. Do not let your husband feel defective. Women must serve a barometer of everything going on in the family. When carrying out your family policy, remember that your husband is a personality and respect his interests.

Vasilisa Peskova

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Author`s name Olga Savka