Blonde women will die out in 200 years

Blondes are a certain type, even class, of women. The word ‘blonde’ long ago entered people’s every-day vocabulary, and a huge number of jokes, rumours and sayings have been made up about fair-haired women. Until recently blondes have produced a mystical effect on men. And although many men claim to have an indifferent, sometimes even disparaging, attitude towards them, everyone will admit that blondes are special women. Incidentally, scientists long ago proved that blonde women are not fools, and naturally fair-haired women are even more intelligent than their counterparts with dyed blonde hair.

As soon as blonde women appeared in nature (and this happened back in the Ice Age, about 11 thousand years ago), they quickly began to drive the men in their tribe mad. According to anthropologists there is no romantic explanation for the appearance of fair-haired women: it is connected with an insufficient food supply. Until this genetic mutation occurred in women, people on Earth generally had dark hair and dark eyes.

Scientists claim that the reason for the rapid proliferation of blonde women throughout the world was the nomadic way of life of our distant ancestors. In searching for food African tribes moved nearer to Europe, and in the course of some 35-40 thousand years a genetic mutation led to the emergence of blonde women. If our ancestors had stayed on their own continent, the natural evolutionary process turning brunettes into blondes would have taken no less than 850 thousand years!

It should be noted that in those harsh distant times the mortality rate of men was relatively high. The female population exceeded the male population several times over, but blonde women, who were the most sexually appealing, could afford to choose any male of their liking. This explains the present-day variety in shades of fair hair within nature.

In short, having appeared in nature, blonde women quickly won the hearts of men. However, one Canadian anthropologist has made a devastating prediction: natural blondes will probably disappear in 200 years time, and the last natural blonde woman is expected to be born in Finland in the year 2202. Yet this does not mean that brunettes will then rule the world. A genuine blonde woman is one in spirit, not merely in appearance.


Translated by James Platt

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Author`s name James Platt