Magician's death shrouded in mystery

The powers of a human being are not infinitive and even Yuri Longo, a master of secret sciences, a magician and wizard has stated this fact. Last Friday the popular healer, “the master of white magic” and member of the Australian Association of Magicians, died on the doorstep of his Moscow flat.

On Friday the 55 year old man had chest pains and called for an ambulance which then took him to the Sklifosovskiy Institute. Doctors, not noticing signs of myocardial infarction, insisted on giving me an anesthetic. The “white magician”, however, got better, discharged himself, took a taxi and went home. Doctors confirmed that the reason for his death was aortic aneurysm.

However, Longo’s close friends have a different opinion. Head of the Moscow School of Hypnosis Gennardy Goncharov said that he believes the real cause of death to be a stroke caused by a powerful wave of energy going through his mind. Yuri Malin of the leading laboratory for psychiatry research at the National Association for Life-preservation said, “Up until this point, he had never been ill. Extrasensory powers sometimes work against the person possessing them. The night before his death he grew nervous when on a television programme on channel TNT. He was speaking against Graboviy, a cynic who has for a great deal of money promised the mothers of Beslan that he will bring their children back to life. Perhaps the two powerful magicians locked horns and the more able one won.

The artist Nikas Safronov, also friends with Longo, said that the last time they met he was complaining of bad karma.  It is interesting that in the words of Safronov, Longo had recently been baptized “in secret, in a small village”, and planned in the near future to visit Egypt, Australia and Tibet in order to “clean himself spiritually and return home a new man . . . He never contemplated committing suicide,” remarked the artist, “amongst all the magicians and healers, it seems to me that he was the most decent and respectable.”

We remember that Yuri Longo brought the art of white magic into people’s homes and founded the International School for Magicians in Moscow. He is also affiliated with other such schools in Germany, the USA, Australia and Israel. In 1990 he won first prize in a competition on Japanese television called “Unusual things in our life”. He also managed to shine in the political arena, having in his own words played an important role in the “Orange Revolution” in Ukraine. He claimed that he brought Victor Yushenko back to life in 2004.

The “white magician” met his death completely alone; he had recently divorced his second wife Elena.

Translated by Michael Simpson







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Author`s name Michael Simpson