The mystic power of Color

Can't wait to get married? Wear pink color and things will turn your way!

“Many people are absolutely unaware of the 'magical' powers of colors. In fact, it is possible to manipulate one's consciousness through the use of various colors,” says psychologist Ekaterina Repina. “Obviously, this is rather hard to do for a working professional, due to a certain dress code the person has to follow. However, this time we will not talk about work but about sexual relationships between people…
Since women tend to dress more colorful clothes, the following discussion will mainly focus on certain 'tricks' a woman could play on male's sexual desires…”

Any color bears a certain kind of information that instantly penetrates into our unconsciousness while completely bypassing our conscious level of perception; afterwards, it begins forming certain images, generate certain emotions. Since we possess absolutely no control of the unconsciousness, we have hard times explaining why we cannot take our eyes off of a “blond chick in orange sweater” for instance… As for men, it never even crosses their mind that they are being carefully manipulated.

Baby blue

In case you have gone weary after a passionate romance with a real macho and would like to convince a new admirer of your naivetй, you should chose rather subdued colors such as baby blue, light pink and so on. Your new friend will most likely assume that you are modest and shy and will therefore try to be exceptionally gentle with you.

Seven facts about color WHITE

1. Color WHITE represents a strong sexual magnet.

2. A woman dressed in WHITE attracts men's hungry glances just as much as a woman dressed in a revealing scarlet dress.

3. WHITE is a color that symbolizes purity, wholeness, safety, cleanliness etc.

4. WHITE often is being viewed by men as something gentle, soft, simple, comprehensible. Staff of one of the American zoos calculated that in the course of five years tipsy men had approached the cage with white polar bears 168 times and only two times to the Himalayan bear. Think this is a mere coincidence?

5. Men regard a woman dressed in all WHITE as a submissive creature, willing to realize all his sexual fantasies. No wonder men’s sexual fantasies oftentimes involve nurses, maids and school girls in white knee socks and an apron.

6. If you choose to wear WHITE in bed, be sure that your man will hold the initiative. You could simply relax.

7. WHITE breasts with pink nipples symbolize warmth, comfort and compliance for men.

Seven facts about color BLACK

1. BLACK is a color of authority and power as well as that of sin and witchcraft.

2. A woman in BLACK is expected to express her initiative, while her man will simply enjoy her company.

3. When men dream of such woman, they unconsciously desire to be used in unusual ways during sexual foreplay.

4. Men often think of dark breasts with dark nipples as being more firm, more sensual.

5. The most sexual BLACK outfit is a long evening dress with deep opening in the back, meant to emphasize the whiteness of the skin.

6. Long BLACK leather gloves are also considered an incredibly sexy garment.

7. It is enough for a woman to wear BLACK stockings to make your man always think of you as the sexiest woman on earth!

A woman dressed in pink makes a man fall in love and want to marry her. The color itself symbolizes romance, intimacy and utter love. In case marriage is something you've been longing for, include some pink things in your daily attire and wait for that enchanting someone to propose to you on his knees. Men in love often envision the object of their affection in pink!
If you long your special someone to be a bit more romantic, you should wear clothes (as well as lingerie) of pink, blue, green, and yellow colors. At the same time, keep in mind that your romantic color palette has to be very light.

RED as the color of passion

RED is like a dynamite! A man's heart begins pounding at incredible pace after a single glance at a “lady in red”. All he can think about is SEX. His unconsciousness “scans” the information obtained from the red; this immediately awakens his strong emotions, sexual desires, strong passion… RED makes a man secrete tremendous doses of adrenalin, thus making him ready to do absolutely anything for the object of his desires!

Men often view BEIGE as an asexual color. Therefore, try to mix colors of your clothes to make life a bit more interesting!
Most importantly, you have to be certain that the new color you decide to wear will bring you luck!


BRIGHT YELLOW: Makes his heart pound!

90% of world's condoms are WHITE. PINK condoms are second most popular among world's condom manufacturers; they are followed by BLACK, YELLOW and BLUE condoms.

89% of English males dream about having sex with a dark-skinned woman.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov