TATU's producer promotes new singer NATO and organizes terrorist show in Moscow

Having bought 'airplane tickets' for the show, the viewers will have an opportunity to become hostages of a hijacked jetliner

Notorious Russian music producer Ivan Shapovalov is still eager to shock Moscow with a brand new extravaganza, which will be staged in the form of a terrorist act on board a passenger jetliner. The performance was slated to take place in September, although the show had to be cancelled on account of plane crashes in Russia.

The former producer of the world-known Russian lesbian duo TATU is currently working with another artist known as NATO, who performs in terrorist-looking clothing. The costume includes the hijab headscarf, which covers the singer's face. Ivan Shapovalov was very unhappy with the fact that the administration of the House of Unions (where the show was supposed to take place) made him cancel the concert of the new singer. The producer has already filed a lawsuit at the Court of Arbitration in Moscow, in an attempt to oblige the House of Unions' directors to provide him with a venue for the terrorist-looking show of his singer. It has become obvious, though, that the case will take a long time: the court will resume the hearings only on December 16th.

Ivan Shapovalov's original attempt to hold a gloomy, black-colored show after a series of horrible terrorist attacks in Russia looked absolutely outrageous and provocative. Mr. Shapovalov said that a female singer dressed in black from head to foot was supposed to sing in oriental languages standing against the background of video screens depicting blasts, terrorist acts and Al-Qaeda's leaders.

The tickets to NATO's show were designed in the form of airplane tickets. The concept of the show is the following: the concert will let the audience experience the horror of a terrorist attack on board a passenger jet. The initiative has definitely stirred up a scandal: the negative reaction in the society made the administration of the House of Unions cancel the show, having considered it politically incorrect. It is noteworthy that the concert was scheduled to take place on September 11th.

Organizers of the terrorist show are trying to prove now that the decision of the House of Unions' directors was absolutely inappropriate: the producer had not been duly informed about the cancellation of the show. “It became a total surprise for us. The administration of the House of Unions did not even bother to discuss the question with us,” the PR director of the producing center Neformat, Dmitry Mikheev, said in an interview with the Vremya Novostei newspaper. It was also said that the administration of the venue returned the money for the rent only several weeks later. According to Mikheev, officials of the Culture Ministry were aware of Ivan Shapovalov's plans about the show, although they were among those, who harshly criticized it. “We sent many materials to them so that they could see and review everything, but we received no negative responses,” the PR director stated. However, Dmitry Mikheev did not mention a very important fact: after all arrangements were made for the show, the whole Russia was experiencing a shock from the crashes of the two passenger liners and the tremendous hostage crisis in Beslan.

Producer Ivan Shapovalov and his new creation, singer NATO, have apparently decided to remind the Russian society of their existence. Shapovalov and his team are not going to change the venue for the show: they say that the concert hall of the House of Unions has remarkable acoustic qualities. “It is very interesting why they can hold corporate parties in the House of Unions, but refuse to hold a theatrical show?” a spokesman for the Neformat producing center said. That was the answer to the question about Shapovalov's strange wish to organize the terrorist show in the venue that is located very close to the Kremlin and the State Duma.

On the photo: an outtake from singer NATO's video

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Author`s name Olga Savka