Russia: a new look at the country after the attacks

Only 1% of Russians notes the ending of democracy in Russia after the Beslan tragedy

More than a third of Russians (35%) feel that life has changed significantly since the August-September terrorist acts. Majority of Russian citizens (53%) in turn does not notice any major changes.

Such is the conclusion drawn by the Public Opinion Fund after conducting an all-Russian survey on October 2. 1500 people were willing to share their views. Those from the Central Federal district of the Russian Federation (42%), those with higher education (42%) as well as those respondents under 35 tend to talk about the changes more often.

When asked about some changes in particular, many respondents point out to the fact that people have become more cautious, nervous, “people are now more fearful.”

8% of the respondents also mentioned tighter security in public places, public transportation, in kindergartens and schools. According to the observations made by 3% of Russians, people have become “more careful and watchful, “treating everyone with caution.”

Another 2% of the respondents consider that the latest terrorist acts have made people fiercer. Others (2%) on the contrary think that those tragedies have brought people closer together. 1% of the respondents notes that democracy in Russian has begun to coil up as a result of the terrorist acts.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov