Phenomenon of levitation comes into everyday life

Modern scientists are developing anti-gravitational systems 

Levitation - rising of a human body off the ground, in apparent defiance of the law of gravity. The term designates such alleged occurrences in the lives of saints and of spiritualist mediums, generally during a seance; levitation of furniture and other objects during a sйance has also been reported. Levitation of witches and other figures of folklore is called transvection (encyclopedia Britannica). 

Fortune-teller Marisa Lozinskaya was sitting at her table on Sunday afternoon in the Polish town of Goshkovice. There were several clients around the woman, wishing to look into their future. One of them (Anneli Vozgolskaya) described the events as follows: “All of a sudden she said she had a headache. She stopped reading cards, turned ashen-faced and even screamed with pain. Right at that moment I saw her rising above the ground slowly. Her body remained motionless at that. Everybody on the square was flabbergasted with the sight of the woman hanging in the air three meters above the ground. She was hovering for two minutes and then started going down. As soon as her feet touched the ground, she fell facedown.”

Doctor Dobzinsky was the first specialist to examine the unconscious fortune-teller: “Her eyes were shut. She had a weak pulse. When she recovered, the first question she asked was: “Why am I lying here?” As it turned out, she did not remember, what happened to her,” the doctor said.

Dozens of people witnessed the unbelievable incident, which took place in 1997, the Zycie Warszawy newspaper wrote. Researchers, who explore the phenomenon of levitation, say that the incident that happened to the fortune-teller was not the most outstanding one in history. According to historical sources, many religious figures rose off the ground in prayerful ecstasy.

Serafim Sarovsky, the archbishop of Novgorod and Pskov is one of the Russian “levitators.” Moscow chronicles tell of St.Basil flying across the Moskva River in front of astounded crowds. Catholic priests do not lag behind the Russian saints either. The number of witches burnt by inquisition for their levitating ability is countless. Religious books say that the number of saints, who possessed the gift of levitation, reaches 300.

Russian magazine Rebus (devoted to mysterious phenomena, published in the 19 century), published the story of Nikolai Yurlov. On 18 July, 1837 Nikolai, aged eight, was sleeping in his room on the second floor. The sound of thunder and heavy rain woke the boy up. “When my room was flashed with lightning, I suddenly saw a tall bald-headed elderly man standing just a couple of steps away from my bed, on the balcony. The bearded man was wearing a long blue shirt. He was holding on to the knob of the glass door.” The boy was gripped with horror: he ran out of the house, rushed across the garden and raced towards the Sviyaga River. Servants found the boy very soon, just in ten minutes. However, they found the boy on the other side of the river and he was absolutely dry. “Several of our servants were running after me,” Yurlov said. “They swore that they had seen me flying across the river with my feet touching the water sometimes.”

Similar stories can be found in other Russian sources devoted to unexplainable anomalies. The manual “From the Area of Mysteries” (1900) tells a story of a clerk, Benedikt Nursiiski. He had a disciple, Maurus. One day Maurus saw a boy drowning in the river. The man rushed towards the boy and pulled him out of water. When Maurus put the boy on the ground, he saw that his clothes were all dry. The man realized that he had run on the water surface.

Modern parapsychologists say that the phenomenon of levitation can be observed nowadays too. Yogis, masters of transcendental meditation, are rather successful in their art of levitation. A public competition of flying yogis took place in Washington in 1986. About 20 “athletes” competed in their flying abilities. The record was set on the level of 60 centimeters above the ground. The longest yoga flight was 1.8 meters.

Chinese monks demonstrated the phenomenon of levitation to scientists and reporters. Until recently, scientists treated the phenomenon of levitation and anti-gravity as something totally nonsensical. The scientific opinion is different now, though. Russian physician Evgeny Podkletnov produced a sensation, when he exposed the results of his research. The researcher cooled a special disk to the temperature 167 degrees below zero and placed it in an electromagnetic field, which rotated the disk. When the disk reached the speed of 3,000 rotations a minute, the objects placed above the disk, started losing weight.

Podkletnov's report produced the effect of a bomb. Specialists started reporting numerous incidents of anti-gravitational phenomena that they had observed. US scientist John Schnurer from Ohio presented very interesting results of his work on the gravity field. The essence of his experiments is as follows: a superconductor, placed above a magnet, hangs in the air. This phenomenon, however, is already known as the “Meisner effect.” Strange things happen, when an object is placed above the floating superconductor. Precise calculations showed that the superconducting system creates an area, where objects lose up to five percent of their weight. Schnurer believes that it can be a real step towards the creation of anti-gravitational systems.

Dutch scientists carried out a more astonishing experiment: they managed to levitate a frog. The scientists are certain that they will finally develop a special equipment to raise objects (even a human being) off the ground. The Dutch researchers said that the frog was the first live creature, which raised in the air without the mechanical power conversion – without a jump, a push, a propeller, wings, a blast wave, etc.

Former skeptics have to shrug their shoulders now in an answer to the question about the phenomenon of levitation. It would be stupid to deny it after the “flying Dutch frog.” Special research will prove (or reject) legends, which say that a human being is capable of breaking the Earth's gravity without a special equipment. Such experiments are underway. An interesting experiment was carried out in one of Russian universities, at the psychological department. A person was told during a seance of hypnosis that he was inside an orbiting spaceship. A hypnotist told the person that he was about to find himself into a state of weightlessness. When devices showed the complete absence of weight, the scientists did not believe their eyes: the weight of the hypnotized individual vanished totally.

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Author`s name Olga Savka