Firearm fever in Russia

After the recent terrorist act in Beslan, Russians began purchasing legal means of self-defense.

Some even address direct letters to different law-enforcement agencies across country with a plea to authorize sales of hunting rifles and self-defense firearms.

State Duma plans to adopt certain amendments by the end of this month, aimed at restricting the overall turnover of firearms and explosives in the country. The amendment however will apply only to Russian special services. At the same time, many delegates express their affirmative views to make the firearms market more liberal. According to them, if the state is unable to protect its citizens, let them have the right protect themselves, writes “Izvestia”.

“It appears that the Russian peoples have nothing else to do but to act as mere sacrificial lambs. Rebels do not take militia hostage; they prefer to torture defenseless people. And the government is incapable of protecting us,” states Yuri Dotsenko in his letter from Sochi. “I am not saying that each of us needs a personal bodyguard. There is another issue at stake here. There is simply the lack of a governmental system aimed at protecting its people. In my opinion, there is only one way out of this mess: the state has to make guns legal. Let people protect themselves and their kids. Those rebels would not have seized the school had they known that every parent had had a gun.”

Russian society is on the verge of the real firearms fever. People are racing to hospitals, psychiatric facilities in order to obtain needed certificates which will enable them to purchase firearms. They all are one thing only: to acquire a legal permission to store firearms at home in order to protect their families.

Those, whose past is rather shady (and there is a growing number of such people in our corrupted government) prefer to buy guns on the black market for about $1000 a piece.

Some experts claim that such “fever” has to do with the new hunting season and pose no danger. Others however are inclined to believe that such great demand for the means of self-defense will lead to tragic consequences. State Duma intends to return to discussing the issue of legalizing some types of firearms pertaining only to the special services.

Last year (17 September 2003) State Duma had already discussed such legislative initiative prompting to mitigate the law. Back then, majority had voted “No” in regards to the issue, informs “Izvestia”.

In the meantime, Kalashnikov look-alikes are in great demand these days. Barrel-free pistols gain popularity among people in Moscow as well. It is exceptionally difficult to obtain a permission for one of these guns. In critical situations however these types of guns appear to be way more effective than any other guns, reports the newspaper.

“Gas weapons are long past due,” explains one of the managers of the “Oruzheiny Dvor” store Kirill Konyaev. Times change…today Muscovites are thinking about the real protection. Gas weapons can no longer ensure their safety. Majority of guns are quite bulky…Such barrel-free guns represent the best alternative.

One can acquire special permit at a licensing department of Moscow’s department of internal affairs. Their offices are located in every district of the city. A person just needs to prove that he/she is in good mental health, demonstrate his ability to load/unload a gun and the person will be free to head to the local gun store in a few weeks. According to some knowledgeable residents, it is possible to finish the entire procedure in a day or tow if one has extra $150-200 USD to spare.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov