UFO clouds abduct humans

Probably, the phenomenon of mysterious 'reasonable' clouds represents an independent form of life

A strange cloud often appears in many stories about anomalous and unexplainable phenomena. A casual encounter with this cloud may show strong influence on human psychology. Ufologists link this phenomenon with UFO and extraterrestrial beings at times.

Ufologist Vitaly Kosinov saw this cloud in early September in 1989. He was picking nuts in the woods, when he sensed someone's intent look behind him. There was no one around, but the atmosphere was filled with fear, which made Vitaly's hair stand on ends. When the scientist looked up, he saw a dark-gray cloud, which looked like a vertical poll. The man heard a strange noise, which reminded the sound of flopping bird's wings and a cracking tree, but there were no birds in the area, tree branches were motionless.

The cloud went upwards and stood still. Kosinov felt he could not move a finger, he became weak in the knees and fell down on the ground exhausted. The researcher subconsciously realized that the cloud intended to take him, and he attempted to resist against it, at least in his mind. Vitaly sensed weak electric current all over his body, and the object flew away. The man felt better at once, but he forgot the incident immediately. He said he started recollecting it a lot later, when he saw the cloud again on several occasions. Vitaly Kosinov said the cloud would come down, envelope him totally and then disappear in several seconds. He said he would fall into profound dreamless sleep afterwards.

Members of a ufological mission saw violet-blue pillar-like clouds in the field at night, in 1990. A young ufologist decided to take a closer look at the phenomenon, but as soon as he started approaching the clouds, he heard voices in the head, telling him not to walk further ahead. The voice was coming from the dark cloud hanging in the air nearby. The young man turned back and everything disappeared.

Another similar incident occurred to the Fedorovs family from Vladivostok. Aleksey, his wife Nina and two of their children decided to go camping for the weekend. They put up a tent on the river bank, not far from the village of Lukyanovka. The parents put their children to sleep and sat down on a log near the fire. They saw a small strange gray cloud hanging above them. Aleksey was surprised to notice that the cloud was absolutely still. The man stood up, came up to the cloud and reached out his hand to it. The rest of the story reminds the stories of the people abducted by aliens. Aleksey said afterwards that he found himself in a room full of people in military uniform. They told him to sit down in an armchair, fixed several sensors on him and started the examination. The people in the room were talking to him. They told him that they had come from the future to conduct experiments connected with penetrations into other worlds. They offered Aleksey to stay with them, but the man declined, having said he had a family to take care of. The people led him up to the gray cloud and he appeared on the meadow near the fire again.

When the husband disappeared, Nina incidentally looked at a tree near her and saw a woman sitting in it. The woman had wings behind her back; her bare feet had only three toes. Nina started screaming with horror, calling for her husband, but he would not respond. The woman grabbed a small axe to defend herself, in case the winged creature had hostile intentions.

The scream woke up the children. When they saw a monster in the tree, the children started crying and hid behind the mother. The winged woman was looking at the frightened human beings without any action or movement. Shortly before Nina's husband appeared on the meadow, the creature flew up in the sky and disappeared.

Visitors from the future – one may somehow understand this phenomenon, but the winged monster woman? Maybe it was a hallucination, caused with experiments on the brain? Who conducted such experiments with the family?

Ufologists believe that the phenomenon of mysterious 'reasonable' clouds represents either an independent form of life, or serves as an auxiliary tool, which extraterrestrial beings use for their purposes.

Dina Kuntseva

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Author`s name Olga Savka