Jed Allan: Russian vodka best in the world

The grandfather of America plans to appear in a Russian movie

Hollywood actor Jed Allan Brown (67) has recently visited Moscow. He became world famous after the role in the legendary TV series Santa-Barbara, in which he played CC Capwell. Now the actor plans to appear in the movie of the Russian director Alexander Izotov – “Real Moscow, or the Adventures of an American in Russia.”

When Jed landed in Moscow, he did not go to the VIP hall of the airport. The actor took his luggage and headed to taxi stop. Jed was pleasantly surprised, when he saw a long black limousine waiting for him.

The actor was settled in a large suite of Metropol Hotel. Jed was weary after a long flight from the States. However, after a couple of cocktails with director Izotov and the 'Russian Schwarzenegger' Alexander Nevsky, the actor decided to have dinner in a fancy Moscow restaurant. Irina Eldarkhanova, the restaurant owner, presented the actor with a chocolate sculpture of Samson, tearing apart the lion's mouth.

”You will not find this in the States. I gave a similar sculpture to president Putin to commemorate the 300th anniversary of St.Petersburg,” Irina told the actor. Jed Allan was happy to receive such a gift, although he said he does not eat chocolate. “I prefer vodka. In America I drink Belveder vodka from Poland. It is very hard to find the real Russian vodka in the States, though,” the actor said.

A bottle of 'Russian Standard' vodka appeared on Allan's table immediately. “One should come to Russia just because of the Russian vodka, not to mention the wonderful snacks,” said the actor picking a juicy piece of salmon.

”When Sharon Stone returned to the States from Moscow last fall, she told me Russia had best men on the planet. She said it would be a sin not to show them to the whole world. I didn't treat it seriously at that time,” Alexander Nevsky said. This spring, though, when Sharon visited Moscow for the second time, she insisted I should talk to Izotov and make him do a movie about new Russians. She said Russia is not the gloomy USSR anymore, but a bright and wonderful country, with wonderful people.”

After the fourth shot of vodka we started talking about Santa Barbara – the series has recently celebrated its 20 years.

Why do you think the soap opera was such a success in Russia?

Do not call Santa Barbara a soap opera, please! It is a modern psychological drama. I think Russians know what it means to have a big family with all its good and bad aspects. A friendly family is a rarity, but every normal person dreams to live with children and grandchildren. I have three sons: Mitch – he is 43 years old, Dean – he is 41, and 28-year-old Rick. When my wife Toby died two years ago, I did not become a lonely man. I am very pleased to look at my granddaughters, to listen to their laughter.

Do you have any talismans?

I have two – they are my seal-rings. My wife Toby gave one to me 15 years ago. The other one is the wedding ring of my wife. They give me energy at hard moments of my life.

How do you see your new character in Alexander Izotov's film?

I will play an American journalist, who will portray the true face of the Russian capital through his own perception – a hospitable and friendly city. Do you remember the way Russians were represented in American movies? Men would always be communist fanatics or criminals, women would be shown as ugly, rude females. The reality is totally different, though. I have a lot of Russian friends – they are talented, sincere and nice people. It is not easy to find such individuals in America. I have such American friends, though – Sharon Stone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris.

Do you think Americans will change their attitude to Russia after the movie is released in the USA?

It definitely will. If a Russian actor played my part in the film, my country-fellows would not believe him, even if he were the best Russian actor. They will believe me, though. I became the father and grandfather of the whole America.

Reference: Jed Allan Brown was born in New York on March 1, 1937 in the family of a musician. He moved to California in 1967. He debuted as an actor in the world-famous "Lassie" series.

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Author`s name Olga Savka