Championship: swimming on inflatable women in St. Petersburg

Second championship in swimming on inflatable women took place on the river Vuoksa.
The sportsmen had to go down the river on the female dolls from a sex shop.

After a crowd of men with inflatable women in their hands went out of the forest, the villagers started taking their kids home. A dog started barking at one of the dolls. It was for a reason, the dog wanted to warn people about danger: hardly the sportsman started swimming, the doll broke.

Going down the Vuoksa river was not easy. Inflatable dolls were of no use for swimming. Few sportsmen were able to reach the finish, after going through the river rapid most of the swimmers were brought hundreds meters away in the lake where rescue workers at the catamaran picked up the men and rubber women. А student from St. Petersburg Konstantin Azarov was the first to reach the finish and got the price – a furniture set.

”I’ve never encountered an inflatable woman before”, the winner told us. “First, I could not comprehend how to use the doll for swimming, but then I started holding the doll at her secret place, and I became the first to reach the finish”.

The championship organizers handed the dolls to the sportsmen right before the competition and requested to give the dolls back after they reach the finish. However, some men managed to use the women for sex after the competition was ended. They picked up the inflatable ladies and headed for the bushes or the tents.

Sergey Andreev
Photo by Zamir Usmanov

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova