Pregnant singer from Tatu is off for London

In the beginning of July Lena Katina and Yulya Volkova are going to Great Britain to record their second album.
The scandalous image of the group will be changed. We will not see the girls in knee-length socks and white panties. They firmly abandoned the image of lesbians. Moreover, the girls decided to  possess the revenues from their singing by themselves.

Tatu producer Boris Rensky leased one of the best record studios and hired the entire creative group to develop the new image for the star Russian female duo. Tatu singers have to record their voice parties in a hurry as Yulya is going to have delivery soon.

”Their former producer Shapovalov was dismissed from Producing Center “Neformat”, and the girls are in his position now”, said the spokesperson for the Center Alexandra Tityanko. “Currently the girls have half of the profit from their concerts and album sales, and they are also authorized to sing only the songs they like. The rumors that the group will change its name, are wrong as “Neformat” owns the right on Tatu brand. According to the contract with Universal Music Studio, the group is to produce one album this year, and then one more in 2005 and another one in 2006.

The texts for the second albums are ready. Mr. Rensky involved the authors of the best Tatu hits Elena Kiper and Sergey Galoyan in this work. The album will be ready in September. After Yulya Volkova has a delivery, the group will go on a world tour with its new album, and Yulya’s mother will take care of her baby.

Being on the 6th moths of pregnancy, Yuly feels well. She stopped smoking and using cosmetics not to damage her child.

Nikita Belov

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova