Geisha experience

Nowadays, one can easily experience what it is like to be a geisha for a day.

Japanese resort Kinugawa offers such opportunity for its visitors. The “attraction”, which has been organized by the Geisha Association, turned out to be extremely popular among people. Interestingly, those are not only women who want to be turned into geishas!

For about 8 000 yen (about $60) professional geishas can fully transform an ordinary person in less than two hours. In fact, their services are so popular, that one needs to be waitlisted for a month.

Two real geishas teach their “students” how to dress and apply makeup appropriately. The association provided 50 different kimonos for these purposes as well as special Japanese sandals and many different wigs (some of the wigs weigh up to 5 kilos).

“There are many women in the world today who would like to try out geisha outfit,” stated director of the geisha association. “We would like to recruit as many people as possible to experience this remarkable transformation."

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov