Man shot his heart through and stayed alive

At midnight on June 23 a lady called the ambulance in Dubovskoe village and said that he husband had been killed by shooting.
The medics were terrified: 45-year-old welder Vladimir Bykov had his heart shot through. His wife Olga said that the man came from work with the wound in his chest, but head of surgery department of Dubovskaya hospital Valery Shpilko believed that the wife was lying: it was impossible to walk with a wound of this kind.

”The man was fired at point-blankly. The bullet hit the left ventricle of the heart (myocard), the lung and got out through the back. Probably Bykov shot himself”, says the doctor.

”I shot myself”, confessed drunk Bykov in hospital ward and refused from surgery.

The two surgeons who arrived from the city of Rostov, started persuading the self-murderer that he should save his life.

”You were supposed to die instantly, but the God and destiny gave you a chance. This is real wonder!”

But the patient with the heart shot said that first he was going to have a smoke and think a little. 30 minutes later, after he smoke two cigarettes, the man felt worse, and he allowed the doctors to treat himself.

The operation lasted for 5 years. Bykov survived and feels much better today.

The reporters of the Komsomolskaya Pravda visited Vladimir Bykov in the hospital. The feeble man looks OK, but have two pipes in his heart and two pipes attached to his nose and clavicle. Bykov has to stay in bed.

Where did you get the weapon?

I found the gun on the roadside. I wanted to take it to the police, but decided to play and dissemble it first. It shot suddenly. I’ve never dealt with weapons before.

However, the chief of Dubovsky district police Yury Zaikin has a different version.

”Bykov is lying. He intentionally shot himself in his house, and the wife saw this. He put the gun to his chest, and the burns on his body prove this. It is hard to say where he got the gun, but after he recovers, he will be prosecuted for illegal possessing weapons”.

Katerina Migulina (KP-Rostov-na-Donu)
Photo by Svetlana Druzhinina

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova