CIA and KGB were fighting for alien’s dead body

"Do you remember that 10 years ago the old black-and-white film about the postmortem examination of the alien in the USA in 1947 was broadcast all over the world?
Americans did their best to persuade the world that the film was a forgery, but failed. The tape, the camera, the medical examiners’ instruments – all this was authentic”, says Boris Shurinov, Chairman of UFO Society. He has been collecting the materials on UFOs for many years.

To distract people from their film, Americans made another one – about the postmortem examination of the alien in the Soviet Union.

"The idea of the movie with James Bond as its main character was about “flying saucer’s” crash in the USSR, and all the footage of the incident was allegedly banned from the public by KGB. Then the brave Americans purchased this secret archive from the corrupted Russians to familiarize public with it”, says Boris Shurinov.

"According to the movie, the disc fell down near the city of Sverdlovsk in November, 1968. They found it in March, 1969, KGB people arrived, the spot was encircled”.

"I conducted investigation and discovered that the movie was a forgery. I found out that the “secret filming of 1969 took place in 1998 in the base of Mosfilm company in the town of Alabino, Moscow region. The “flying saucer” was made of foam plastic”, says Mr. Shurinov.
"I even discovered that the filming of the “alien dissection” took place in Moscow Academy of Medicine, and even found the desk the “alien” was put on. After that, at many international conferences of UFOs I denounced this forged movie and the key liar – US expert on UFOs Paul Stonehill. However, I was not successful, as they called me a KGB man and anti-Semite (as Mr. Stonehill is a Jew, and I was denouncing him)”.

According to Boris Shurinov, "95 per cent of the stories on UFOs are lies, but there is a fraction of truth in them”.

"Americans faced this problem in the mid-40s. In 1942 году US President Roosevelt received a note about a sudden air-raid warning: on February 25 many flying objects appeared in the sky over Los Angeles, air defense forces decided that these were Japanese aircrafts and started shooting at them, but missed all the targets. In 1947 US press registered more than 850 (!) cases of UFO observation mentioning. Americans started accusing the Soviet Union of testing its new aircrafts over the US territory. Soviet Vice Consulate had to make a statement that “the USSR respects the sovereignty of all the states, and no way it could use other countries’ territory as a testing ground. The Soviet Union has more than enough its own territory for conducting scientific research”.

"At some point, as the interest to UFOs was growing, UFO “experts” were inventing more and more stories, and it became hard to distinguish real stories from lies”.

"1981. UFO landed in Trans-an-Provance, France. The object landed, and in a while took off. The farmer saw this and reported to the authorities.  Specialists from the Space Center in Tuluza took samples from the landing spot, divided them into 5 parts and sent to different labs to have independent analysis. I have the summary of the analysis of all these labs which was not noticed by the public as it consists of unknown graphs and diagrams. However, they wrote in the end of the summary that the traces left after the object’s landing and takeover, could not explained by natural effects".

"The biggest research on UFOs was conducted in the USA, by the Commission of Colorado University on the contract with the US Air Force. Famous physicist Condon was the Head of the Commission. In the introduction Condon wrote that the Commission found no evidence that the described objects have extraterrestrial origin.  However, among the thousands of the pages denying the existence of UFOs, Condon placed the documents he could have ignored. For example, he enclosed in the report the first declassified document from 1947 signed by general Twining. The documented contained information that there are disc-shaped objects in the sky which obey no commands from the Earth", Mr. Shurinov says.

"I think that Condon enclosed Twining’s report in his summary because he understood that if real UFOs appear, he should bear the responsibility for his research before future generations. For this reason he included in his summary a number of observations his commission failed to explain. If read Condor’s research thoroughly, one can see that the document calls: yes, it exists”, says Boris Shurinov.

"I think that science is not interested in “flying saucers” because the few real cases of UFO appearing get lost in the stream of lies. Military people encounter UFO more often as they professionally monitor the sky. However, the Army does not report the cases of UFOs to the Academy of Science as it is not required to do so.


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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova