Businessmen slays 40kg of flies

Enraged by flies, Chinese businessmen killed 8 million of these insects.

The vendetta that destroyed lives of millions of flies has been going on for ten years already.

Hu Silin from Eastern China conceived a hatred for flies and began such mass extermination of poor insects after one of such insects ended up in his plate during his lunch with important client. Such seemingly insignificant detail cost Hu Silin more than $20 000 USD.

The Chinese businessmen declared a war to flies and developed a special device to kill flies.

Now he declares to “stop fighting for a while” in order to have some time to organize an entire team of professional “fly exterminators”. Such “army” will cost the businessmen more than $30 USD.

According to Hu Silin, he has already killed 40kg of flies from the moment of the vendetta. Now, he can easily distinguish between the 25 types of these insects.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov