Underwater civilizations

For more than 100 years sailors of merchant and military ships have been reporting strange occurrences: underwater bright lights and unidentified objects. Majority of such reports came from regions of Persian and Siamese Gulfs as well as Southern Chinese Sea and Malay strait.

In 1963, the United Stated were conducting Navy training not far from Puerto Rico. Suddenly, the training session had to be stopped. Sonar operators determined that one of the submarines was changing its coordinates and was following a strange object. The object was moving at an incredible speed: 150 knots. No modern submarine is capable of traveling at such rapid speed. (On average, subs cannot exceed 45 knots). Obviously, the object escaped after maneuvering at 20 000 feet. A report was immediately forwarded to the Commander of the Atlantic fleet in Norfolk, VA, informs “Express K”.

American scientist A. Sanderson, who devoted many years of his life to studying ocean depths, writes the following about a mysterious occurrence which he observed from the deck of an ice-breaker in the Atlantics: “Suddenly, something emerged from the waters, breaking thick ice; the huge silver object disappeared in the sky…”.

After thoroughly examining US Navy archives regarding such unidentified underwater objects, Sanderson came up with an interesting hypothesis. His hypothesis talks about the existence of highly developed civilization right here on earth.

“All I can assume is the following: the hypothetical circular “spaceships” could have used continuously working scanners of radar type, their “beams” in turn become visible for us only when they produce luminescent masses of small unicellular organisms…”.

Such hypothesis appears to be rather believable. It can also be added that in case the emissive power of the so-called radars gets too high, then water itself will be luminescent.

In 1928, peasants from the village Shuknovolk (Karelia) witnessed another remarkable event. The phenomenon remains a mystery even today. One of the locals, F. P. Fedotov, presents his account of those days.

“Something resembling a big cylinder with red flame streaming from its rear end collapsed into the lake. Some say, that it is still lying on the bottom of this lake and hampers fishermen to fish there. After the fall of the object, local residents started noticing a strange 1-1,2-meter long creature. The creature’s body appeared slim and its hands were touching the ground. Each hand contained four fingers. The creature was incredibly fearful; it would always hide in the water whenever approached by humans.”

Japanese have a legend of a cane man. According to the legend, not only did the man live under water but he also could fly at an incredible speed. The legend has much in common with the “alien” in Karelia. Both of them have membranes with claws. Japanese have an image of this creature which dates back to VII century.

Do underwater civilizations exist?

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov