Russian girls give sex online

A pretty Russian girl is sitting in front of the web camera and chatting with an American.
“Take off your bra, honey”, asks the hot man from Texas. “Don’t think badly about me: I just want to know if you will be able to feed our future kids”.

It is 6 pm in Moscow and early morning in the USA. There are few people in the video chat, about 10 visitors. Each of them knows that he is not the only one chatting with the “fiancee”, and tries desperately to be liked by her. “I applaud that you did not undress for everybody”, says one of the “fiancйs”. “You are cute. I’ll send you an invitation today, we’ll get married, I’ll call the church and order the wedding ceremony”.
”You’ll see this after the wedding”, the girl replies.

24-year old Olga on the PC screen looks like an attractive picture. The men can see her live images in the size of a postcard. Her every gesture, look and smile is being broadcast.
”American psychologists believe that one has to attend 2,000 parties to meet the lover who will match him/her”, says Olya. “To turn the sympathy into a deep feeling, one has to talk with the partner for about 30 hors. Where can a person find this time?  Chatting online, I receive 3 marriage proposals every evening, totally 1080 proposals a year. I just have to sort out the guys and go buy a wedding dress.

Beautiful Olga is in search of wedding not on her own will: the boss of the erotic web saloon gave her an assignment to check if “live video” is perspective for meeting one’s future spouse. Experts predict that in 50 years half of the couples will meet each other online.   

One of the saloon services is online sex. Beautiful girls will give their love online for $30 per hour. There are Congressmen and millionaires among the saloon clients.

Director of the online saloon Vladimir Semenovich believes that absence of real contact is the best advantage of sex online.

“When you pay for real sex, the girl always looks at her watch, she is always in a hurry and usually gets down to business by asking what exactly the client  wants, “What should I do now?” Not much fun. Our girls are better, they will satisfy the most extravagant desires of their partners because they are separated by thousands miles. Our girls don’t have to run home: they are already at home".

Online sex is only for foreigners, and the girls have to know different foreign languages. They all speak fluent English. They are educated lasses because many of them are undergraduate and graduate students. 
“Only Russian woman can, when giving herself to a guy online, not only give him pleasure, but also listen to him and soothe him”, say the girls.

Masha knows three languages, including Italian. She has many American Catholics as clients. Some of them are going to get married in the USA, but their religion does not allow to have sex until wedding. They use online sex instead.

Masha is a pretty student at PR Department.

”I left my boyfriend whom I loved much, and decided to prove him that other men can want me as well. I am an educated girl and cannot have sex with the first guy I meet on the street – what if he is a maniac or the sick? By having online sex, I solve my financial  problems and strengthen myself as a woman".

Doesn’t your education prevent your for charging guys for sex?

"I am not a prostitute. Guys pay me not only for the images of my body, but also and primarily for the opportunity to communicate. I absorb their knowledge, learn their outlook. This looks like an internship in PR to me".

Are you happy?

"I perceive this experience as a certain stage of my professional growth. Today this is more important for me that happiness in my personal life".

Ekaterina Sazhneva


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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova