Russian Army is well-trained: Desire to check paratroopers’ reaction cost two students their teeth

Two University students in city Kirov decided to play a trick on the two paratroopers walking in the park.
One of the students shouted the military command, “Flash on the left!” willing to check the psychological condition of the soldiers. The paratroopers reacted on this command as if they were on the exercise – they fell down to the mud.

Instead of running away, the students started laughing at the soldiers. As a result, both the humorists received concussion of the brain and were deprived of several teeth.

The state spends much money to create a “positive image” of Russian Army, but has not succeeded in it so far. The concerts and propaganda movies produce no effect. Our society believes that Russian Army has degraded and its soldiers are good for nothing. However, this story demonstrates that the rumors about the Army collapse have been greatly exaggerated. The two paratroopers demonstrated their good training (quick reaction to the military command) and strength (they beat the two young men who were not weak – they did not run away). In fact, our soldiers are well-trained, and the rumors on their degradation are false. The fact that the paratroopers were drunk was in their favor. Even when being drunk, they demonstrated professionalism and good training.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova