The dumbest criminals of the year

Two thieves in Russian town Dimitrovgrad demonstrated the most ridiculous way of committing crime.
The two men decided to steal office equipment at night. They put on masks, broke in the office, bound the watchmen and started to pack computers and faxes. For one of the thieves it was too dark, and he tried to switch on the light. By mistake, the man pressed the alarm button instead of the switch, three minutes later the police arrived and arrested the thieves.

Last year another Russian thief got the position in NEWSru rating of the most stupid crimes. His stupidity and impudence were amazing. The resident of village Communar in Vladimir region managed to steal a TV set from the store, and no salesman saw this. Only an hour later the store personnel understood that the TV set was missing. No salesman could describe the criminal. There were few chances to find the thief.

Surprisingly, the thief came to the store again and requested salespeople to give him remote control, antenna, manual and warranty certificate to the TV set stolen by him.  They store personnel called the police, and soon the thief was arrested.


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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov