25 rules for ideal marriage

A man is a robot and his brain is controlled by various programs. He is born to fulfill certain obligations: to be a husband, a father, a driver, a bread-winner… A woman is created to manipulate him.

1. Be unique.
Riches, beauty, intellect are not necessary. You just simply have to develop your feminine confidence, optimism and charm. You will have to convince yourself that you really need to get married, that is it incredibly important to you and try to achieve the goal with confidence. You are the only one, you are unique! A smart and worthy man will definitely value this quality in you!

2. Do not start a conversation with a man; do not invite a man for a dance.
There is nothing wrong with being traditional.

3. Do not stare at men and do not be extremely talkative.
You should not appear desperate when trying to spark up a conversation with the opposite sex. Do not try to catch his look. Listen carefully to whatever he says.

4. Never pay for yourself. In fact, never even take out your wallet.
Men like to be in control. Equality is good for professional relations. When it comes to love however, men has to be first.

5. Never call him first.
If you do, he would think he’d already conquered your heart. If you are dying to hear his voice, call his work phone and listen to his answering machine.

6. Let him be hungry for you.
Do not talk to him for more than 10 min on the phone.

7.  Do not make weekend plans later than Wednesday.

No last minute phone calls!

8. Do not get too anxious before the date.

9. Pay close attention to the first three dates.

Try not to fantasize about the upcoming date…Do not invite him over for “a cup of tea” after the first date.
10.  Kiss him on the cheek!

When saying ‘good-bye’ to him after one of those first three dates, do not allow him more than a kiss on the cheek.

 11. Make him believe as he is the man!

 12. Then comes the time for gifts…

In case he does not give you a present for either one of the upcoming holidays, leave him!  Anyone could buy you a drink. However, when it comes to gifts, only the one who is really caring will spend his precious time choosing a gift for a woman of his dreams.

13. You should be dating no more than twice a week.

Afterwards, you will be able to see each other daily…after you get married.

14. Control your emotions.

  Do not try to get him in bed right away. 
 15. Do not create additional problems and refrain from ordering him around.

Men assume that they are free beings. Do not deprive them of this illusion. If he has not introduced you his family after several months of your friendship, do not be alarmed. There comes a time for everything.  
16. Man is a leader…

At least officially… He is supposed to choose which restaurant, coffee shop, theater to attend. He should also be the first one to say the most sacred phrase “I love you!” 

17. Do not expect him to change; do not hold him captive.

Men are not typically inclined to change. You should simply list all of his character flaws and ask yourself whether you could disregard them.

18.  Do not be in a hurry to open up your soul.

Men do not wish to be burdened by additional problems. You should not lie… Simply wait for a proper timing.
19.  Be sincere, yet mysterious

Men love mystery…

  20. Try to avoid cohabitation before marriage and do not leave your things at his place.

21. Getting involved with a married man is a risky affair.

  22. Keep it cool after marriage!

After you finally reach your goal and get married, remain slightly cold. Do not call him to work too often. Let him be the leader. You still have to intrigue him.

23. Accept things as they are.

Do not hope that he will look at the world with your eyes. Be patient towards his weaknesses…
24. There is plenty of guys out there!

In case your affair was a fiasco, do not get upset. Life goes on, and plenty of new relationships await you!

25. Love yourself!

No matter what problems you run into, always remember that you were created to live and enjoy this life! Therefore, always try to look at the bright side!

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov