Pugacheva's last love

Ten years ago, Russian pop diva Alla Pugacheva has wed Philip Kirkorov at St. Petersburg's wedding chapel №1. For Pugacheva this was her fourth marriage. “This will definitely be the last one,” promised the singer to Kirlorov. She does keep the word.

On March 15th 1994, Pugacheva and Kirkorov was the only couple in the wedding chapel. Both the groom and the bride have filed their request just a few days before the official ceremony. The newlyweds had to pay 14 620 rubles (15 rubles in today's equivalent) and legally bounded their vows.

The entire ceremony was rather modest, writes “Komsomolskaya pravda”. Neither Kirkorov nor Pugacheva had their wedding gowns/costumes ready and arrived to the chapel wearing clothes that were handy. Champaign and candies followed.
There were practically no gifts at the wedding just myriads of flowers everywhere. Afterward, everyone went to the no longer existing restaurant “Bella Leone”. Kirkorov decided not to stay till the end and took off to get ready for his concert. Alla Borisovna left a bit later.

Journalists Mikhail Sadchikov shares his memories of this day. “After Philip's concert on March 12th, everyone drove off to a restaurant. There, conversation about his marriage has begun out of nowhere. He was reminded of his own exclamation: after one of his earlier concerts Kirkorov had cried out from stage that he would like to get married in St. Petersburg. Then mayor of the city Sabchak has heard him and exclaimed “We would be happy to assist you!” Everyone regarded his statement as a joke at first. Both Pugacheva and Kirkorov lacked their passports. However, they were instantly sent for. Sabchak was going to get both of them married.

Their initial request for marriage has not survived. Legally, such papers get destroyed after 10 years. However, their signed agreement (marriage license) will remain in the archive in the course of 100 years.                

Source: dni.ru

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov