Which husband is better: miser or spender? Classification for niggardly men.

One practical advice to women: if you have a choice of men, get a spender.
If you are squandering money, you will live in reconciliation with such a man. You two will borrow money from relatives and friends on regular basis. Women of other types of character will get along with this man as well: they will always succeed in cracking down on the spender. Men see women’s inclination to saving money as advantage. In addition, the habit of squandering money passes over in a course of time.

A miserly man believes that the majority of women are squanderers, and this feature in a woman is unforgivable from the man’s point of view. Miserliness remains in one’s character forever and is growing with time.
Real man should be generous! But what if you got married to a greedy man? It would not be good to leave him just because of his greediness. What should you do if you saw signs of miserliness in your loved one before marriage? Should you marry this man or try to change his character?
If you don’t like some feature in your darling, don’t hope to change him during your marriage. You had better think if you can accept this man as he is. Let us classify all niggardly men to better understand them.
Greedy man.
Greediness means the desire to grab something valuable, enjoy it and not to share with anybody. We say “He is watching you with greedy eyes” meaning “He wants to have sex with you”. Greediness based on the desire to enjoy everything of best quality. A greedy man buys some delicatessen and eats it alone, wears fashionable Italian shoes, but he will never buy a beer to his friend and dislikes giving tips to a waiter.
You can enjoy a happy life with a greedy husband if he loves you as much as himself. There lived a man who used to treat his guests with tea (no sugar) and bread (no butter). As soon as guests left, he and his wife used to open the fridge and got salami sausage, marinated game and quail eggs, and ate all this food with good appetite. His wife had plenty of smart clothes, and when the weather was bad she left her vehicle in the garage and took a taxi to insure herself from accidents. She had a good life because her husband spent much money on her, like on himself, and all other people got nothing. If you are not concerned about the reputation of your family with other people, you well get along well with a greedy husband of this kind.
How to recognize a greedy husband loving you. You two are watching TV and eating expensive chocolates. Doorbell rings, your darling gets up, hides the chocolates in the cupboard and goes to open the door. 
Miserly man.
Spending money is a very hard thing for this man. He is constantly saving money. A greedy may is funny, a miserly man is tragic. He usually says that he is putting money aside for a rainy day or for some long-term purpose as constructing a house or purchasing an apartment. However, after time passes, he says he still has not enough money to implement his purpose. His “rainy day” is only when he has to spend his savings.
Only a miserly woman is able to be happy with this man. She will not be wealthy,but will pursue a modest lifestyle. We do not recommend all other women to marry this guy: even the biggest love to the wife will not make this guy spend extra money on her.  Let’s look at the family of a miser man. The husband works at two well-paid jobs, the wife works at three such jobs. They are keeping their savings in the safe and are still wearing the clothes the man bought at low prices in the end of 1980s. They eat potatoes and porridge, and for this reason the wife is unhealthy fat. 17-year old daughter could not tolerate the depressing parents and left the family. The girl is living in a dormitory, he is going to college and studying. All this is called: “I must take care of my people’s future.
How to recognize a miser loving you. He is telling you how much money he has on his bank account and the amount of gold and diamonds in his safe.
Thrifty man.

This man sets a certain purpose, saves money and then implements this purpose. A thrifty man says, “We need five thousand dollars to buy a vehicle”. You both start thinking what expenses you had better cut to purchase the vehicle and live according to this plan. If only your husband makes the decisions what sacrifices the family should bear, and he continues insisting that all the points of this plan must be strictly observed, this means you met thrifty egotist.

You can be happy with a thrifty husband only if you have common purposes in life. But if he wants to save many to do repair works in the apartment, and you would like to make savings to go on holiday to Turkey, there will hardly be peace in the family. It is hard to live with a thrifty husband who does not love his wife that much or is even indifferent to her. This man is constantly saving money on his wife by providing her with less food and clothes. At the same time he is telling her that he loves her in any clothes. Because of such treatment, poor woman loses self-esteem and turns into a housemaid.

How to recognize a thrifty man loving you. He is happy to share with you his plans to purchase a country cottage and falls into excitement if you become enthusiastic about his ideas. He does not reproach you that you are spending too much on cosmetics and manicure.
Practical man.
He knows how to obtain the same item at cheaper price. He will purchase sanitary engineering and wallpaper in a warehouse, pirate software in a marketplace, Sony TV set from his friend-salesman without 18-percent tax. Practical husband does not sacrifice quality for the sake of low prices. He will not quit his idea of purchasing a first-rate washing machine just because stores give no discount for it. 
You can live in opulent comfort with such a husband. Your wishes will always be granted with minimum expenses, but with consuming more time and energy.
There is a way to identify practical man who truly loves you. This man has many discount cards in his wallet, but he will never say, “Let’s go to this cafй, I have a discount in it”. He will take you to the place where you like to go.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova