NASA makes public the documents on UFO: truth about tragedy in Keksburg

NASA agreed to make public the documents on the tragedy in Keksburg after persistent requests of Sci-Fi TV channel.
The town in Pensilvania went down in history after its residents saw unusual phenomenon on December 9, 1965 – ball of flames in the evening sky. The ball was landing.

The landing area was quickly encircled by the military who later evacuated something out of it. Strict measures of secrecy were taken – the people of Keksburg became blocked in their town. Local press increased the tension by writing that UFO had landed there. No official comments were made. First there was a version of the fall of Soviet space device “Kosmos-96” designed to research Venus. However, later this version was rejected.

There is no definite answer what it was. From that time, people started calling Keksburg “second Rosewell”. Near that town in New Mexico spaceship of aliens crashed in 1947, some people say.

Such mysteries are important stories for Sci-Fi TV channel producing programs on existence of extraterrestrial civilizations and various anomaly phenomena. The channel took many efforts to make NASA reveal the information on Keksburg case. NASA decided to follow the requests after facing the threat of legal proceedings for violating Freedom of Information Act.

It is early to say that people will hear some sensation news. 36 unclassified pages can contain any information, including some well-known things. The ally of Sci-Fi – Coalition for Freedom of Information – said that after studying these documents it will decide what to do next. Meanwhile, Pentagon does not intend to reveal its documents on the Keksburg case.

Remarkably, former Head of White House employees in Bill Clinton’s Administration John Podesta is one of the supporters of revealing the truth on UFOs. This former high-ranking official is amused with the habits of Washington bureaucracy. "I will not exaggerate by saying that Washington entered sci-fi era. Revealing the identity of CIA agent is acceptable, while the records of the catastrophe in Keksburg happened 38 years ago are kept secret.”, said John Podesta sarcastically making analogies with the recent scandals about Iraqi crisis.

Source: Russkaya Ufologichaskaya Set

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova