Men Fall into Hysterics Too

Behavior recommendations for clever women at moments of men's hysterics
Your man suddenly begins screaming or wailing depending upon his timbre, he spits, stamps his feet, beats his fists on the table, flings dishes, rushes in and out of the room slamming the door. At that, he looks mad, sounds inarticulate, the face is red and the hair stands on end. Fortunately, he does not attack other people and reveals no purposeful aggression. These are characteristics of man's typical hysterics, which may last for about half an hour. 

What kind of hysterics is typical of strong and passionate men? These are emotional, romantic and sentimental men with delicate sensation, but at the same time these resolute men are wonderful heads of their families who know how to earn money and caress wives. When children, these men hear from their parents that real men never cry, cover their emotions, behave reserved, severe and balanced. Is it easy for men to be balanced when they are overwhelmed with emotions? So, such men employ self-control and block any demonstration of happiness, compassion, wrath and love. This suppressed energy begins bursting from inside. Such men usually settle big problems calmly, but resort to trifles to relax and cause minimal damage to business, families and self-respect. Usually hysterics with strong and passionate men end like an idyll. If a woman was not rude to her man during the fit of hysterics, he feels relaxed and guilty, kisses his woman and makes excuses. Really ambitious men behave haughty but still allow feeding themselves and thaw out while eating.

Are hysterics different with strong and smart men?  Nervous, susceptible and talented men resort to hysterics to achieve an objective they aim at. They accumulate tension for a rather long period and wait for a convenient moment when they can burst out into hysterics. This may happen when the situation suddenly gets out of hand; at this moment, men need to shock everybody and radically change the situation. For instance, a wife suggests bringing her mother to the family's two-room apartment "to nurse the baby" for a year. The idea makes the husband hysterical, which in its turn makes the wife give up the idea. 
As history reveals, Napoleon resorted to hysterics of this kind. Already early in the morning he knew that he would trample down his cocked hat in the evening in front of the line of soldiers. That is why providently put on an old marshal beret. Napoleon was a master of such scenes, he fell down on the floor, stamped his feet and rolled up his eyes so that doctors suspected he suffered from epilepsy. In fact, Napoleon was an extremely susceptible man. Alexander the Great suffered from similar fits. Hysterics of this type have a traditional ending: strong and smart men feel pleased with themselves and see their objectives succeeded. They give up the hysterics with dignity. At that, men practice such fits of hysterics once in half a year so that other people could not get used to them. 
The third type of hysterical men - weak and quarrelsome - are rather artistic, but weak and consequently unrestrained. They are rather unemotional, but lack self-control. This category of men can be recognized by the habit of crying and laying the stress on the last syllable at that. Many of phrases shouted by such men sound like questions instead of affirmations. Such men fall into hysterics on any possible occasion because they can cope with nothing at all. Their hysterics are the way to get rid of negative emotions and sound like cries of a helpless child. It takes weak men more time to calm down; they are inclined to shout and groan from time to time, even cry and demand that the family must apologize for driving them into such violent hysterics.
Here are some recommendations for clever women that can be applied during men's hysterics. If a man falls into hysterics, do not oppose him. It is better to wait for a while until the man shouts to his heart's content. A woman should leave the room if it is possible. Indeed, men in hysterics need spectators.   
Men's hysterics are safe for them and other people; such hysterics are usually an outlet for typical human emotions, not bursts of aggression or hatred. If a man in hysterics threatens to kill everybody by his side, it means the man is really angry; in case he cries he does not want to live, in fact something hurts him and this is hard for him. At such moments, remove all precious items out of the man's touch, otherwise he may break it and later regret the doing.
Women are not recommended to do their habitual doings - dusting, washing the dishes or reading books - when men are hysterical. Instead, women should respect men's feelings and hear them out. One can make attempts to shout hysterical men down; this measure may serve good shock therapy if women are sure they can control their words at that.
Is there any method to prevent hysterics? Women should give their men an opportunity to gush their emotions from time to time: play cards or sing karaoke together, go to restaurants or visit friends. Many men feel relaxed thanks to sports, if so women should allow men go to the stadium to watch games or watch matches on TV together with him. Some men will never admit they love soap operas; if women understand this passion, they will be able to watch such movies together with their men.

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Author`s name Michael Simpson