Extraterrestrial visitor in Russian province

Research of the clothes alien Aleshenka (found in the Ural region) was wrapped in, revealed that this creature has nothing in common with human being, it is an alien, Moscow expert on UFOs Vadim Chernobrov said in interview to Chelyabinsk media. 
This sensation goes back to 1996 to village Kaolinovy near the provincial town of Kyshtym in Chelyabinsk region.

On August 13, 1996 pensioner Tamara Vasilievna Prosvirina went to the village cemetery. Poor old lady suffered from psychiatric disease, and her perception of the surrounding world was weird. She used to gather flowers from the graves and decorated her room with these flowers almost every day.

In the evening the woman had supper and went to bed. Suddenly strange “voice” aroused in her brain. It requested Tamara Vasilievna to go to the cemetery again. The lady got dressed, took her torch and went out.

Huge eyes were staring at her out of the closest grave mound. The pensioner approached the grave and saw a strange creature about 25 centimeters in height. This was not a human being.

Tiny onion-shaped head looked like it was composed of five petals. The little creature had no ears, huge slanting catlike eyes occupied the biggest part of its face. The creature could not talk, but it started whistling quietly to attract the lady’s attention. Probably in this manner the alien was communicating in its planet.

The pensioner took the creature to her place. At home she started examining the alien. The body of Aleshenka (the diminutive name she gave to the creature) was plump and was swaying like jelly.  The skin on the body was gray and with dark spots in brown on the head. No hair, small holes instead of ears. Small flat nose enabled the creature to breath.

Dark-gray eyes. No eye-lids. The vertical pupils of the eyes were constantly narrowing and expanding. 

Long fingers had small sharp claws. No genitals revealing creature’s sex. The creature had no navel which all mammals have.

The woman could not figure out how to feed Aleshenka. Its mouth resembled a tiny hole and had no lips, but it could stretch itself widely. The alien had a complete set of teeth, but too small lower jaw and huge scarlet tongue occupying almost all the mouth cavity disturbed chewing process for it. Tamara Vasilievna put a caramel candy into the creature’s mouth, and the alien started sucking the candy. The lady was gave Aleshenka some milk and water with a tea-spoon.

Moist sweat appeared onto the alien’s body after eating. Aleshenka started disseminating sweet smell soaking clothes and furniture. Tamara Vasilieva wiped Aleshenka with a rag from time to time. The creature was lying and did not move most of the time. From time to time it started stretching its legs.

The next day all the villagers heard of the news: the woman was telling everybody that she got a child and his name is Aleshenka Cute. At first many people thought the child just seemed to Tamara Vasilievna resulting from her disease.  However, one day the pensioner’s daughter-in-law (also named Tamara) came to her place. After sitting and talking in the kitchen for a while, the old lady said it was time to feed her child. Her daughter-in-law followed the lady into another room and saw the weird creature wrapped into swaddling band.

Both the daughter-in-law and her mother saw the creature, but they did not report the police about it. They say if Aleshenka was a human child, they would report the police. The creature was not a human being, consequently it was an animal, and there is no reason to report anywhere about it.  “Let it be Tamara Vasilievna’s pet. She will take care of it, and she will have something to do”, the women decided.

However, a neighbor reported about Tamara Vasilievna to psychiatrists, and one day ambulance came and took the woman to psychiatric hospital. Tamara Vasilievna tried to explain that she left a child in the house, but the doctors did not take her wordsseriously. The lady’s relatives were not aware of her being taken to hospital, and therefore there was nobody to feed the creature. Soon it died of thirst and hunger. After the alien’s death, its body started drying out and becoming mummified. 

Only one person, Vladimir Nurdinov remembered about the creature. He used to come to Tamara Vasilievna’s place, and saw Aleshenka. After hearing that the lady was taken to hospital, the man came to her apartment to take Aleshenka to his house. He was too late, Aleshenka was dead. Dry mummy was lying in bed.

Nurdinov took the mummy to his place. He did not know what to do with it. Soon the police came to the man’s apartment – he was suspected of stealing power cable in Novogorny village. The policemen decided this was the mummy of a child and took it for expertise.

However, doctors claimed the mummified creature has minimum 20 features distinguishing it from a human being. Medical experts rejected the idea that Aleshenka could be a mutant child. During the second expertise, some doctors had this version. The town of Kyshtym is situated in the area contaminated after the accident at the secret object in Chelyabinsk-40 town in 1957. After the accident, freaks are born in the area from time to time.
After taking the body from the expertise, the police investigator started researching the version of extraterrestrial visitor in his unofficial investigation – his bosses prohibited him from “doing nonsense”.
The investigator decided to ask UFO expert organization called “Star Academy UFO-Contact in Zolotov Method”. The Academy was 200 kilometers away, in the town of Kamensk-Uralsky of Sverdlovsk region.
Organization Head Galina Semenkova took the mummified body to conduct its astral expertise. After that the investigator was unable to contact her: the woman’s relatives responded to the phone calls that she “went shopping”, “went for a walk” or “is away on a trip”. Only recently Galina Semenkova said at the seminar on UFOs in Tokyo what had happened to Aleshenka remains. According to Semenkova, when she was carrying the mummy from Kyshtym to her town, flying saucer appeared in the sky. Her vehicle engine stopped working. Aliens from the flying saucer demanded the body of their dead fellow, and the woman gave them the body immediately.

The detective story of the little alien continued. Japanese TV crew phoned Tamara  Vasilievna’s relatives. The Japanese were working on a documentary about Aleshenka and wanted to interview the lady. However, just several days before the Japanese TV crew arrival, tragedy happened. Late at night on August 5, 1999 Tamara Vasilievna somehow showed up on the highway. The psychiatric hospital patient was absolutely naked, the only garment the woman was wearing were socks. Eye-witnesses say it looked like the woman was reacting to somebody’s call. People wanted to take the woman off the highway, but were too late: two vehicles ran into the place where the poor sick lady was standing and caused her instant death.

In 1997 the announcement was posted in the Internet on sale of the mummy of extraterrestrial visitor found in Russia. What is this? Is somebody selling fake mummy of the well-known alien? Maybe no aliens took the mummy to their planet? Probably both the statements are correct. Selling fake mummies of Aleshenka became profitable business. Aliens from Alfa-Centaurus did not stop the woman's vehicle. The mummy is likely to be under the research in some special services laboratory, or just destroyed because of careless treatment.  Aleshenka’s remains may also be in the collection of some rich man fond of UFOs.

Aleshenka’s story is still in progress. Japanese decided to sponsor erecting the monument to the alien. Ordinary Japanese donated money for the monument after seeing the documentary “Traces of alien Aleshenka” by Asahi TV company.

Marina Khlybova

Source: Monokl, TAU

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova