Legendary Women Who Ruined Political Careers

Monica Lewinsky is not alone in this world
It was not long ago that the whole of the world was keeping up with the Monica Lewinsky scandal which nearly ended in a loss of the presidential post for Bill Clinton. As history reveals, women like Monica often caused problems to big politicians and influential men in America and Western Europe. 

A love story between leader of Greece’s ruling party Andreas Papandreou, 69, and beautiful woman Dimitra Liani, 34, a stewardess, was particularly scandalous. The girl was known by the name of Mimi among ordinary people and almost all Greeks could see her splendid nude figure on front pages of newspapers and magazines. The unofficial first lady of the country told journalists that those pictures were taken when she spent vacations with her friends on a beach, she just joined other girls when they took off their bras.  

Dimitra met Papandreou in a plane when she served a diplomatic flight. Soon they spent most part of the time together. The aging leader of the government was so much charmed with the blond that he ignored all proprieties. He attended diplomatic receptions and parties together with the mistress. Dimitra's appearance at a meeting of European leaders held on one of the Greek islands was particularly scandalous. That was a strictly official event where even wives of European presidents were not invited. When Papandreou and Dimitra entered the hall silence reigned among the politicians. The girl looked especially extravagant in her bright yellow dйcolletй against the background of official black suits. The lovers would not part for a second. 
Meanwhile, Greece was in for a governmental election. Andreas Papandreou realized he had little chance to win the election. Even his wife threatened she would set up another opposition party. It happened even so that the leader missed official meetings for yachting and having dinners with the mistress. Unfortunately, the lovelace's heart was weak for this passion, and the Greek leader was taken to hospital. In London, the politician was operated on because of aorta constriction. The lovers demanded a soundproof ward, otherwise the politician would not undergo medical treatment. Dimitra got a ring with three large diamonds as a present for the devotion and care during Papandreou's illness. Soon, a scandal on embezzlement of governmental property was added to the politician’s love scandal. That meant an end to Papandreou's political career. 

Dan Quayle, a candidate for a vice-president post in the Bush Cabinet was even less lucky than the Greek leader. His career was ruined with just one weekend spent several years ago with Paula Parkinson, a Playboy model well-known among America's top political elite. Dan and Paula spent that weekend at a villa in Florida together with two more republicans. The party began at the villa with much cognac and then proceeded at night clubs. Dan Quayle did not take his eyes off Paula and danced with her a lot. However, when he suggested spending a night together the girl refused. At that time, Tom Evans, one of the republicans participating in the party was her lover. Later, Paula told journalists that career of Quayle would have been ruined long ago if she accepted his proposal then.
Italian beauty Alessandra Borgeze, a daughter of a millionaire brought up in a gorgeous family mansion near Milan was even more benevolent toward her lover and married him. Konstantin Niarkos, a son of Greece's richest man was on cloud nine when the girl accepted the proposal. However, the happiness lasted just for ten months and Alessandra Borgeze went down in history as a woman who initiated the most expensive divorce. The beauty demanded that her husband must pay $200 million for the divorce. The tragic end of the family life made Konstantin swore off marry again.
Blue-eyed Lorrain worked as a masseuse at a London club where she entrapped Roland Ferguson, a member of the Royal Family, the father of Duchess of York and mentor of Prince Charles known as a proper family man. When Roland, 56, saw Lorrain he suddenly felt young once again. He became a haunter at the club where Lorrain worked. This caused a scandal in the Buckingham Palace; the lovers were prohibited to meet but they still managed to date at night. The scandalous event was the front page story in London press.

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Author`s name Michael Simpson