TATU on guard

“This week, a group of delegates from the Moscow State Duma has forwarded a document to the Office of Public Prosecutor with a plea to determine whether the documentary “Anatomy of TATU” advertises drug use. Moscow's Committee of Public Health, for instance, were stunned after hearing some of the remarks of the duet and their producer…In case the Office considers the documentary as a drug ad, a lawsuit will be filed against the band. They might also lose their license.”

With the help of a newly designed project “Star Chat” we managed to interview both singers of the band Lena Katina and Yulya Volkova.

-One gets a feeling that you are constantly involved in various scandals…

(Lena K.) -We always try to avoid any conflicts.

-The legend about your nontraditional sexual orientation…is it true?

(Yulya V.) –How can anybody know my sexual orientation? How do You know anything about my sexual orientation?

(Lena K.) –Oh, my God! This is my personal business….who said that I was of a nontraditional orientation? 

-Does it mean that you like boys?

(Lena K.) – Do I like boys? Yeeees!!!!!! I have a boyfriend!!!

-Do you believe in Love?

(Lena K.) –Yes. I do believe in Love!

-Tell us about your harmful habits…

(Lena K.) –I smoke…I am planning to quite soon though. I urge everyone to quite smoking!!!!!!!!!!

(Yulya V.) -I have already quit.

-What about drinking?

(Lena K.) – We do not drink often.

-Your reaction towards legalized marijuana.

(Lena K.) –I am against it!

-What happened to Lena in Tokyo?

(Yulya V.) –She was just too stressed.

-Your attitude towards swear words?

(Yulya V.) –We do not swear…at all

-What do you think about numerous rumors about the two of you?

(Lena K.) –Rumors…I don't care.

-What do you treasure in people the most?

(Lena K.) –The best qualities are kindness, sincerity, understanding, honesty…

Source: “Star Chat”

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov