Whitney Houston bursts into tears in front of a Moscow crowd

Russian crowd is impatiently awaiting the pop diva. She is showered with ovations the moment Whitney takes the stage.

The star is wearing a carrot red designer dress. She kneels before the audience and bows her head in response to a number of screaming fans. After exchanging mutual sympathies, comes a time for the actual lyrics. Whitney sits down on a bar stool and motionlessly looks at the crowd. She starts off by saying something quietly. Then, her voice becomes stronger, more passionate and lively. The queen is in the middle of the stage. Three pianists, a drummer, a percussionist, and back vocals surround her. The latter have later proved their masterful virtuosity.

Appearance of Whitney Houston’s daughter Christina Brown (“I Wanna Dance With Somebody”) turned out to be a surprise. However, the two simply talked about something on stage…In addition, Christina seemed a bit embarrassed. It was easy to spot familiarity between the mother and her daughter.

The most favorite song of many Russians “I Will Always Love You” which was expected to be “served for desert”, Whitney introduced with a story of her father’s sudden death. The diva could barely hold back the tears. The entire auditorium remained quite for a few seconds…Then Whitney whipped her eyes for the last time and threw the tissue on the floor. However, it all seemed like a well-planned trick because the moment the tissue touched the floor, the music started. Whatever the case, the song was magnificent. The entire auditorium was boiling with ovations. One could not have possibly planned a better ending.

The diva reappeared once more on the stage in a white dress singing a fast song. Several times she descended from the stage to the audience exclaiming “Give me my flowers!” and accepted numerous bouquets from her fans.


Source: Utro.ru

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov