What are YOU doing for lunch?

Modern women however are not striving really hard to become just well-dressed, elegant business ladies.

There comes a time when a family goes through a moment of financial climax, a husband calls his wife “super expensive” while feverishly attempting to find a decently paid job. Modern women however are not striving really hard to become just well-dressed, elegant business ladies. What they really seek is something so intimate that can only be published in “Playboy” rather than in some kind of a labor magazine.

Office job does not only entail a never-ending pile of paperwork, computers, ability to deal with boss's tough character, and drinking a cup of instant soup for lunch. Office job also entails woman's desires to be elegantly dressed or undressed. Office job is a catalyst of our self-esteem, concentration, inner spirit and good manners.

Strangely, sexologists name all these counterparts of our working lives to be responsible for the so-called “on the job romances”.

Psychotherapist, sexologist, professor PhD Alexander Poleev, claims that marriages between work colleagues constitute a third of a total number of marriages in the country. If we are to consider people marrying for the second time, it will be worth mentioning that marriages between work colleagues who enter the sacred matrimony for the second time equals to one half of a total number of marriages.

The “Playboy” magazine decided to test the preconceived notion regarding work romances. The magazine conducted a specially designed survey among its readers. The survey completely supported Poleev's data.

Here goes the truth: work romances do exist indeed. More so, they quite often result in sexual relations right at the work place. “Playboy” managed to find out one peculiar fact. According to the magazine, women more than men are inclined to get involved in sexual affairs at work. About 2/3 of women (against 50% of men) had sex with their colleagues at work.

“Playboy” also mentioned that women prefer to have sex on office tables during lunch brakes while men prefer to experience bodily pleasures on chairs.

We sincerely hope that this article will appear on the screens of employers so that they could equip their offices with durable furniture as soon as possible in order to satisfy sexual fantasies of every employee.   

Source: Expert Center

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov