Today I saw hell

I must be a lucky man to survive the trip on the Metro train whose car exploded.
This was terrible and I must also be a strong-willed person not to be overwhelmed with panic.

My morning started as usual – I came to Kantemorovskaya Metro Station, met my friend Ilya (he works as a carpenter in the South-West of Moscow), and we went to the Metro together. The way to Avtozavodskaya Station was OK, the train stopped, let new passengers in and proceeded towards Paveletskaya Station. After about one minute of the train moving in the Metro tunnel I heard not loud explosion somewhere in the front of the train. At that moment a cloud of yellow smoke was brought by wind and the broken power cables on the both sides of the car started disseminating sparkles. The train passed about 50 more meters and then stopped. Acrid smoke was biting my eyes. At that point I got scared. I thought it could be some poisonous gas. Luckily, I was wrong, otherwise nobody would survive. I pressed the button of the radio for contacting the engine driver and said that there was much smoke in the car. The engine driver replied the situation was under control and the passengers would be evacuated shortly. For two minutes nothing was going on except for smoke. I took off my cap, urinated in it, folded and started breathing through it. The conduct the Ministry on Emergency Situations recommends. Somebody did the same. I squatted and advised the people to do the same. While sitting, we heard some bastards were breaking windows. This is justified when the train stops in the tunnel, but not when there is smoke in the tunnel. The engine driver announced that the rail was cut off from power and opened the doors saying we should go in the direction of Avtozavodskaya Station. I jumped to the rail, helped some woman to leave the train car and went forward. Ilya left the car from another side and showed me the gesture meaning that he was OK. I calmed down a little.  People around me could hardly move because the passengers from the behind train cars continued leaving the train and moving along the tunnel. Too many people during rush-hour. Somebody started panicking, “We will suffocate here!”

The woman whom I had helped to leave the train was shouting that we should go in the opposite direction, she said Avtozavodskaya station was there. She was screaming that everybody was going to die. I turned around to her and cursed at her badly, calling her to calm down. And she did. The people started moving to the station. After we passed the train we could see no smoke, and there was light coming out of the lamps on the tunnel walls. We were going along the rails, stepping on glass and pieces of iron. Somebody fainted and two men were carrying this person.

Then hell started. 50 meters away from the train proceeding along the tunnel, for about 20 meters I was going through blood, meat, pieces of flesh. I am not going to describe this. This was terrible. I have never seen such a terrible scene before.

Then we went to the station platform where I threw away my cap, washed my face, went out to the street and could recover my breath. No work for today. I am going to have a nap for a couple of hours.

Don’t worry – I am OK. I was neither injured nor poisoned with gas. I just had to throw away my cap.

Source: Livejournal

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova