State Duma will "deal" with "Tatu"

Moscow State Duma's Health Commission prepares a claim to Moscow public prosecutor asking him to analyze whether famous music group “Tatu” popularizes drug use, reports “Kommersant”.

According to head of the commission Ludmila Stebenkova, one of the girls' comments in their latest film “Tatu's Anatomy” served as the main reason for the worries. The singer was talking about her experience with drugs.

According to the delegate, the commission intends to view the fragment of the film once more before it decides to address public persecutor's office.

Head of inter-departmental commission in the sphere of narcotics Boris Tselinsky explains, “It is hard to say straight off whether their statement advocates narcotics.” According to a representative from Governmental Drug Control, only linguist-expert is entitled to draw certain conclusions from the words of Yulya Volkova of “Tatu”. If their analysis regards the statement “once, after giving myself an injection, I cracked” as drug propaganda, then according to Tselinsky they will be fined. “However, TV itself should not be fined,” remarked Tselinsky. “After all, those words were not scripted.”

Press service of the STS TV channel explained that creators of the entire project “Tatu in the skies” are the one to be held responsible for the incident. Director of the film “Tatu’s Anatomy” and TV series “Tatu in the skies” Vitaly Mansky confirmed that the phrase mentioned by the delegate really does exist in the film. “I cannot agree that this phrase can in any way be regarded as drug propaganda,” stated Mansky. “More so, the entire film is aimed at letting people know how wonderful and interesting life really is without drugs.”

According to Ludmila Stebenkova, she intends to punish both of the singers, their manager and the TV channel itself. “We simply want to attend the prosecutor and discuss whether it is normal when our favorite artists say that drugs are actually not that bad,” said Stebnekova. 

Source: NewsRu

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov