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Many Russians are aware of critical condition of their favorite movie star. However, nobody is willing to help him now.

NewsRu.com received a letter from Anna Evseeva Canada of the National Guild. In it she informs of a critical health condition of Russian popular actor Semen Farada. The following are some excerpts from the letter. He’s been sick for three years already. His wife Maria Policemaiko is recovering from a difficult surgery. Their son is doing his best to aid both parents. There is no more money left. Many Russians are aware of critical condition of their favorite movie star. However, nobody is willing to help him now.

Semen Lvovich is now lying in bed. He is not needed anymore. He says, “Everyone forgot about me.” He is seldom visited by ordinary people-his fans. They donate as much as they can. Some give 100 rubles, others-200.

His famous friends, about whom Mr. Farada talks with aspiration, have all vanished. The Actor’s Guild pays him 1000 rubles monthly (about $33).

One ampoule of medicine costs about $100. He requires several of such ampoules per month. He needs to undergo special treatment in a sanatorium which costs additional $1000. He believes that that “super equipment” will be able to bring him back to life.

Teary eyed Farada showed me a governmental telegram. Russian President Vladimir Putin has personally congratulated the star on his birthday.

Yesterday, I went to the Cinematographic Union. Everybody stared at me with eyes wide shut. “Yes, we know he is sick. But we thought he was financially secured.” Interestingly, how can a helpless old man provide for himself and his family after a heart attack?

Desperate Farada called Kobzon (famous Russian singer, a politician and a Head of the Committee of Culture). Kobzon said that he might help. However, he did not provide a definite answer. He simply took Farada’s phone number. His old friend Alexander Abdulov (actor) did not promise anything either. He did not even call back afterwards. “We do not know whom to ask for help,” claims the Farada's family. Everything is in God’s hands.

We always suffer deaths of our favorite actors. We enjoy paying condolences to relatives of the deceased. We even attend the funeral and lay flowers to the feet of our idol. When Filatov died, I noticed many people wiping off their tears. How many of them have actually help Filatov in his living years, I wonder?

Today, the beloved actor suffers a slow and painful death. He is incredibly happy when someone visits him. Semen Farada remembers every fan that has helped him. Nowadays, Farada often cries. He is ashamed for becoming a burden for everybody. Perhaps, we could change something in his life. Obviously, we are unable to stop time. However, if we act now, it will still be possible to avoid dreadful consequences.   
Regards, Anna Evseeva

Source: NewsRu

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov