The Immaculate Conception, Modern Version

Doctor was surprised to see that test for pregnancy of a virgin was positive!
In November 1999, Leslie Corbide, a nurse of the UN contingent in Bosnia gave birth to a girl weighing 2.5 kilogram. As it turned out, the baby came to the world thanks to a bullet!

On February 28, 1998, the nurse was wounded in a skirmish between the military police and a bandit group. A bullet got into the lower part of the girl's stomach. The wound was successfully cured, the girl was discharged from the hospital; however she appealed to doctors in 6 weeks and complained her menstruation was over and she felt sick in the mornings. A gynecologist examined the nurse, found out she was a virgin and refused to test her for pregnancy. When Leslie persuaded him to examine her, the test came out positive.

Doctors could not explain the phenomenon of the pregnancy until they opened the register of patients. It turned out that one of the policemen who participated in the skirmish was wounded in his testicle. The man was not far from the girl at the moment when he was wounded. Doctors supposed that when a bullet got into the man's testicle, it got through and delivered some of his sperm to Leslie's uterus and impregnated her. A comparative analysis of genes of the baby and her accidental father proved the suggestion.

Doctor of medical sciences, Professor Igor Moiseyev comments upon the fantastic fact: "It is astonishing but incidents of the kind have been already registered in the history of medicine. A "bullet conception" of the same kind was registered in Wiksburg (Mississippi, the US) during the civil war between the South and the North in 1863. The incident is mentioned in the American Weekly Medicine Journal in 1864. A bullet went through a testicle of a man and got into a woman's stomach; as a result, the woman delivered a boy. A doctor who described the mysterious phenomenon 140 years ago said it was the evidence of the might of the human reproduction system.

How did it happen that the bullet impregnation was a success in the case of Leslie? Igor Moiseyev says that it happened thanks to a unique combination of conditions. Leslie was wounded in the middle of her menstruation cycle. Her ovule was ready to receive sperm. The temperature of the spent bullet that went through the soldier's testicle could not damage spermatozoa and seized some of them. Then it delivered viable spermatozoa to the uterus, and they fertilized the ovule.

The method of bullet impregnation is used in experiments on breeding new species of animals. A small bullet is made of inert biological material, and genetic material of a father animal is fastened to the bullet (thermal treatment is also used for this purpose). Then, the bullet is sent to the genital system of a mother animal with the help of a micro pistol where it impregnates ovules or body cells. It might happen so that the ovule would die as a result of the wounding. The bullet caused injuries and bleeding; in a day after the operation, a scar appeared where Leslie's uterus was wounded. The whole of the operation might have killed the impregnated ovule, but it remained safe. So, the human ability to reproduce itself is unique indeed!

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov