New Methods to Fight Prostitution

The other day, the police and ponces were shocked with a new method invented for extermination of prostitution in Khimki, a Moscow suburb
People traditionally resort to various methods for fighting against prostitution. The other day, the police and ponces were shocked with a new method invented for extermination of prostitution in Khimki, a Moscow suburb.

Students and senior schoolchildren organized a mass demonstration in Khimki, along the Leningradskoye Shosse leading to Moscow where prostitutes traditionally gather in the evening. The guys held posters saying "Father, Get Back Home!" and "One Who Stops Here Loses His Good Name!". Soon, about 100 pensioners joined the protest action organized by students.

Ponces were at first shocked with the insolence of the protesters and then rushed to protect the "business". The protesters were first offered dollars, then blackmailed and threatened. Some students were even beaten. However, the protesters would not stop the action.

The police looked rather funny in that situation: they were breaking up the protesters "for organization of unauthorized meetings". Did they mean that gathering of prostitutes along the shosse at the same moment was an authorized meeting?  The Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper reports that the police offered the beaten students to give written statements to say they have no claims to the offenders. The youth refused to give any statements of this kind.

The Rossia newspaper reports that "homelessness, teenager neglect and increasing number of unhappy families is the reason why the vicious business flourishes. As is seen from criminal cases, teenagers are often removed from Russia in the network of sex traffic."

Western experts in their turn insist that the Internet helps pornography increase its domination. The world sex industry breaks into people's everyday life thanks to the Internet and modern mobile technologies, Runet.Ru reports.    

American Professor Jaynes Raymond says that the domination of pornography and prostitution has changed people's vocabulary. "The industry has succeeded in renaming sexual exploitation. Pornography is today called erotic or adult video, prostitution is often called sex services where ponce is a "commercial director, a mediator or an erotic entrepreneur."
Today, members of the European Parliament insist that countries must toughen their legislation with respect to prostitution. They cite an example of Sweden's legislation according to which penalties are imposed upon men for usage of sexual services of prostitutes.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov