Satan has moved from Iraq to the US

In a not so distant future, New Jersey can end up on Papa's black list.

It is presumed that many of the places in New Jersey are in fact considered to be hiding places of Lucifer himself.

A religious professor of the Indianapolis State University Karl Mason has made such a fascinating discovery. He questioned hundreds of atheists worldwide. Based on acquired data, the professor was able to conclude that the Devil himself has moved to New Jersey at the end of 1995.

“Majority of Satanists agree that the Devil has been living in Baghdad until the end of the nineties,” reported Mason. “However, it has become too noisy out there and Lucifer decided to find a quieter place in order to produce more evil thoughts and nasty intrigues. As it turns out, New Jersey is the place.”

Mason’s research caused a major uproar among theologians throughout the States. Many do agree however with the “nutty” professor. There are quite a few opponents as well. The head of the Baptist movement Wodrow Nikas for instance does not believe in Mason’s statements. “If Mason is right and the Devil does in fact live somewhere in New Jersey, we ought to find him there. It all seems too bizarre to me,” says he.

Nonetheless, Mason insists that the State's reserve is the most appealing place for the Satan to hide. “There is everything necessary for the Devil there: lifeless ground where he can hide, gambling clubs which accumulate devil’s energy as well as a poisonous desert. All off these counterparts create a wonderful environment for something negative and evil.”

The Roman Catholic Church asked for Mason's report, but has not discovered any significant evidences yet.

The State's governor said that she is unaware of any Satan living in Jersey. She also noted that he surely would have been an interesting resident. 


Source: Odin

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov