For bio-mathematicians: earthly technologies of extraterrestrial visitors

This paper resulted from the search of possible earthly technologies of visitors from other planets in case if their visiting the Earth took place.
Professor of music David Huron from the University of Ohio believes that music may be an evolutional device, similar to straight walking and speech, and which allowed human beings to passed through the whole period of evolution (according to Darwin). He and his adherents stand up for the viewpoint based on music’s biological roots and state that music had appeared along with Homo sapiens long before people spread around the entire Earth, and it happened about 40 thousand years ago. According to the professor, this theory has been proved by archeological excavations.
At recent congress of the New York Academy of Science researcher from Montreal University Isabel Peretz told about the research that proved the existence of the sphere in the human’s brain that is responsible for music. According to her, this proves that the musical ability of the human being was developed throughout the process of evolution, and a “special gene of music” must be present within the genome of the human being. The supporters of this “evolutional theory” of music believe that the musical gene appeared in human brain tens or even hundreds of thousand years ago and it “must have given its possessor big possibilities for the reproduction and dissemination in the course of natural selection”. Moreover, David Huron believes that there are many genes that define the musical talent of a man, not the only one. Sandra Tregub from University of Toronto also claims that music is not a human invention and that it appeared as an instinctive form of relations “mother – baby” and has an adjusting meaning in the interaction between the mother and her baby.

She elaborates her idea that the genetic predisposition to music appeared as an instrument of influence on the baby which helped humans to survive: melody helped to calm the baby and avoid the risk of letting its cries out and being heard and found by predators. And there is one more argument her supporters use: sounds of music are used by animals and birds not only for calming their young, but also for attracting partners. But animals have no creative abilities and therefore cannot “invent” music or create melody. This means that music was given to them by their nature and it has genetic origin. In addition, this is also proved by the fact that both animals and birds perceive music as a definite musical pitch and react on it accordingly.

In June 2001 mass media informed about the discovery made by Japanese scientists on genetics who state that DNA code of a human being may be introduced as melody and the genes composing DNA are its notes. This report was illustrated by the demonstration of graphical images of genetic melody codes of playing them. They proved their statement by demonstrating the record of such a melody (let me call it the “genomusic”) in the form of the set of numerical codes, which were composed in music and then played. According to Japanese scientists, genomusic depicts the structure and components of man’s DNA.

The concept of the genetic origin of regulated flow of sounds, not necessarily in musical pitch, but bearing genetic information, is closely connected with the intriguing enigma of visiting our planet by extraterrestrial visitors, however fantastic it may sound.  Trying to overcome the sluggish stereotypes of our mindset, let us examine this enigmatical problem.
In the research of the mechanisms of possible correction of the natural evolution processes performed by extraterrestrial visitors (EV) we came to the conclusion inserting new controlling mechanisms into the structures of controlling systems of organism was possible. In particular, it is the mechanism of preservation as a component of some biological hemostat – an instrument which guarantees multisteadiness of biological processes to outer influences. Such an instrument is designated to play an important role of the internal resource in intra-species selection process. The well-grounded arguments appeared that this resource might be built-in in the distributing biological computer system of the organism as a kind of target program on the gene level which aims at replacing the function of preservation of vitality – homeostasis – to its antagonistic function of preservation of destruction – anti-homeostasis.

However, the results of research, having confirmed such a hypothetical possibility, did not give us any clues how it could be implemented – that is, the mechanism of access to the gene level. This brought in a serious uncertainty. Indeed, we doubted, would it “technically” be possible to influence on the gene level on the scarce populations of the man’s forefather scattered all over the vast area of our planet? Just an assertion that the visitors knew “how it could be performed” proves nothing and besides gives rise to uncertainty. Discovering the gene music allows us to elaborate the working hypothesis that partly diminishes such an uncertainty.

Hypothetical influence of the possible evolution process correction must set the target function of evolution to the bearer of the organism gene information, i.e. DNA, a high-polymeric       compound contained in the cell nuclei and which forms chromosome along with protein histone. Basing on our research, the possibility of the representation of DNA in the numerical sequences of acoustic signals gives us the reason to suppose the existence of the means of direct access on the genome level and the existence of the mechanism of influencing (with the help of this access) that corrects the dynamics of the process of evolution.

We supposed that the structure of controlling numerical sequence having the nature of the flow of sent packs bearing codified (in the codes of genome) information about the strategy of correcting influence, has the isolated address part- the first sent pack which forms the front part of the pack set. Studying the nature of the inserted informational flows, having no capacities (and feeling no need) of visual representation of the control strategy transmitted by packs of impulses, in an explicit way, we believed that they communicated with their natural operators controlling the process of evolution. And the controlling operators were represented as the equations in abstract form, the relations of interactions of transitional processes in populations were represented in columns – i.e. in lexical form.
If the DNA code of the human being, taken as the bearer of genetic information, can be represented in the form of melody, as genetic scientists state, and certain genes are reflected in the note code, then it may mean that the acoustic vibrations obtained as the result of the demodulation of genetic information numeric sequence are its physical bearers. If it is so, then such vibrations realize the bearer of not just information, but the information of direct access to the system of the informational exchange “DNA – the object of the outer habitat”. By the “object of the outer habitat” (OOH) it is required to mean any object that is exterior to the DNA molecule, which is able to accept genetic information, irrespective of its own internal genetic basis, because we are able to neither suppose the ideas of the nature of the genetic system of extraterrestrial visitors nor event the fact of its existence. Relying on the research of Japanese scientists, a human being in the OOH status is able to recognize the genetic information of his own biological species with the help of technical equipment. Within the limits of the hypothesis we may believe that the extraterrestrial visitors possessed the means for recognizing genetic information of the DNA of the forefather of the human being and Homo sapiens was cloned by them as well – either organically or technically.

Unfortunately, modulating did not allow us to solve one more interesting question – if the natural system of accessing genetic information of the cloned forefather existed before the first intervention of extraterrestrial visitors in the process of evolution or it resulted from their creative work. Nevertheless, there are some logical premises created by the properties of the discreet flow of control inserted by extraterrestrial visitors, and reflected in some peculiarities of the models admitting such assumptions. At least, it exists for the first formation of the set of access addresses.

Speaking about the procedure of realization of the direct access within the system of communicational interaction with the DNA, we mean the partner capable not only to accept the genetic information of DNA in the form of “genomusic”, as Japanese scientists demonstrated, but also to realize reverse exchange as it could possibly be performed by extraterrestrial visitors. This means that we attribute to such a partner the capability of inserting the genetic information into the genome of the human being from outside in the form of the flow of systematically modulated numerical codes (the same genomusic (namely, the musical pitch corresponding to the inserted information) accepted by the addressee - the genome of DNA that is responsible for its discharge – reception.

Researching the probability of the messages sent by extraterrestrial visitors we based on the reported information about the number of their visits to our planet and believed that the schedule as well as the time strategy of insertion of controlling information during the periods of their visits has the uninterrupted-discreet regular nature. And the calendar and time parameters of intervention in the Newton time system are defined on the intervals of discretion between the packs of controlling discreets for the duration of these packs.  

It was accepted that the number of such packs of signals corresponds to the number of visits (it was able to be defined), that certain number of packs form the cycle and that controlling information itself was modulated by the genetic codes inside every pack. It was also believed that there were no unproductive visits and the purposes for each of them were achieved. The intervals of discretion between the cycles was considered to be the intervals of the transitional processes of reception.

Such an idea (one pack of correction signals per one visit and one discreet per one cycle of reception processes) can be elaborated that the controlling schedule could be inserted into the control operator (controlling strategy). This provided the visitors with the capacity, on the one hand, to set the time necessary for the realization of inertia transitional processes of reception in the species populations, on the other hand – to provide the schedule of visiting the Earth for control and correction. Probably such visits took some efforts of Retikulans (the name of extraterrestrial visitors) as well.

Let me make more precise – under “transitional process” I mean the situations taking place in “current” time, as the consequences of the populations reception of control illustrating the overall changes within the system of perception - genome, and as the result, the variety of dynamic relations creating flows of multitudes within the species (from the previous sub-species into the next one) in populations. At the same time, we believed that the changes of the genome as the perception system are realized in quick re-coding (comparing with inertia physiological changes within populations) of its own coding system and the time necessary for this was included in the total time of reception.

This means that modeling demonstrated both the changes of relations on the gene level of controlling and the reception of intervention on the level of multitude of the elements of population undergoing this intervention.

Interestingly, the key mechanism of reception within the species populations multitude could be preserving the variety (this is figured out by the figure analysis of evolutionary changes of Homo sapience species skull geometry for about 14 million years): the corrected evolution was realized through preserving its functions. From Darwin’s viewpoint, this is a paradox: evolution through preserving. This is the object of a separate research, and it confirms the righteousness of Lamark’s statements.

Having no clues for ideas about the nature and levels of the reception controlling system and using the freedom of logical choice, we believed that persons from another planet conducted direct access to gene information during their visits and indirectly estimate the current state of the population on the changes of DNA compound and structure, in comparison with the targets they had set during the previous cycles of intervention. There was a viewpoint that they used such estimates as the indicators of the reception quality to elaborate subsequent controlling under the principle of “outer” feedback. We modeled the relations between this connection and the object of controlling by combing the correction blocks inserted by extraterrestrial visitors, with the key blocks of the natural evolution process model, which made the correction the model of the process controlled from outside. Such a block-scheme adjusted for Homo sapiens species, was inserted into the graph-octave as into the model of the third level of modeling. In lexical terms, this model demonstrated the hypothetical system of the relations of reception on populations which was set by the controlling block-scheme: our research was conducted as having the multitude of models.

We use the Past Tenses in this paper. However, the analysis demonstrates: to complete the transitional processes of the full spiral of the last stage of evolution process correcting, there will be the need of one more cycle of this spiral having 5 spires as the previous ones, which will request extraterrestrial visitors to come to the Earth 5 more times. They could conduct their 65th visit (if it took place) for controlling the achieved quality of reception in the 13th correction cycle and fixing its result in the final, 14th cycle, as the fixation of the starting conditions for the next evolution spiral.

In attempts to analyze the calendar information about extraterrestrial visitors arrivals, presentation of evolutionary process with inverse ties within the chain of control, reflected the existence of scale relations between the “real” time of Newton model depicting evolutionary spires and the biological time depicting its correction spires as the reception result. It turns out that correction spires are depicted in three-dimensional Newton time space of evolution as a spiral exterior to its spires as if “twisted” on it.

This spiral is characterized by uneven and random pitches of its twisting in perception time. The plane of this twisting is constantly changing its angle position in the space and moving simultaneously along the axis of evolution spire with random speed of its twisting pitch. The spiral radius-vector of random size is rotating too in portable moving of  twist plane in the direction of evolutionary process developing. The “twisted” spiral of correction vividly reflects its origin “exterior” to the evolution spiral, and having the same nature “productive intervention” in its natural process.

It is logical to suppose that the random nature of many elements of the atomic parts forming the correction spiral geometry, reflects the “operating” of  the universal method of accidental search in the process of controlling reception on populations. At the same time, the ratio of the changes relations of angle position of “twisting” plane, its moving pitch and speed reflecting the reception nature, are in the time relations of  the both processes: pitch and speed of twisting plane moving are characterized by evolution time, and the angle position – by correction time. The nature of the relations in time between the spirals of evolution and its correction turned out to be similar (but no more!) with the scale, fractal relations of physical space. It turned out to be possible to evaluate numerically its analog – the calendar “genetic fractal” being within the relation between the biological “own” time of correction and the “real”, Newton time of evolution. This quantity turned out to be constant and tallied with the base of decimal numbering system. But it is still unknown if this “genetic fractality” of corrected process is the result of the extraterrestrial intervention in the evolution or the organism’s own property, or it is time synchronization relation display directed to the coordination of obtaining the variety of objectives of correction by multitude of executive genomes. We are inclined to suppose the last idea because appearing the “productive,” but unable to be regulated correction spiral is connected with continuous time synchronization of many reception processes on its spires. This synchronization results in depicting a space picture of superposition of final conditions of every realized correction spire with the start conditions of its every subsequent spire. That depicts the perception continuity on populations.

“Calendar” date of the first arrival extraterrestrial visitors to our planet has a peculiar reflection in the model – as cyclic with the least common multiple equal to the fractal grade, and having approximation of multiplicity coefficient 1, 2,…6 (1x10, 102x10, …106x10 years) connecting with a date announced by visitors. The restriction of the multiplicity coefficient by figure 6 is objectively determined by the model architecture, as about the reception object it reflects as calendar restriction making a possible date of the first visit out of logic limits: the fractal multiplicity equal to 7 denies reception realization before the cloned forefather came to being. The physical possibility relations reflected through the model relations.

This result means that modeled visits dates are cyclic and determined by the multiplicity of constant size fractal grade and no one of multiplicity meanings has any preference. Therefore, with the equal probability grade it is possible to speak about earth first visit which took place, for example, 10,000 years ago, as Reticulans announced or 10,000,000 years ago, dating it by the time when Kenyapithecus species came into being or the existence of Ramapithecus - human forefather as Darwinists believe. What is important that the calendar visits information was not set as the first model figures and was obtained as graph-model reflecting its own relations but needing interpretation.

The reason of the vague model result related to time fractal multiplicity has not been discovered. It is possible to suppose it is connected with the peculiarities of the calendar for planet Reticuly – 4, according to which visitors calculated their visit time. Their visits turned out as “putting into”  direct information of reception. However, scientists state that they have discovered new main characteristics of our “time”  and they can interpret this phenomenon or probably explain it.

For example, scientists J.Gibbs and physicist H.Harmuth state that the use of Newton regular time model is not necessary in physical phenomena description because time is “caused” by events and it is secondary in the relation with them. In our model the multiplicity fractal relation as some time substance characteristic (and of fractal too) reflected as the secondary of the primary reception events. Reception events, after the hypothetical change of the perception system – DNA genome, resulted in its universe constant change realizing the direction given by the intervention subject. Newton time system in the controlled evolution phenomenon reflected  as the secondary in the independent –cyclic, in the evolution spiral, time calculating system.

Fractal is the relation not between evolution and its correction, but between their calculation systems, reflecting the nature of cyclic relations on the populations of their own time calculating systems. But relations on time calculating systems reflected through the fractal multiplicity and through the interval time systems relation calculated from start of every correction spire. This connects well with the picture of calendar duration of evolution cycles and its correction spires, and confirmed by the number characteristics of their flows.

It is necessary to say that this reflection still does not give grounds to prove the hypothesis of the cyclic character of time, of its physical “failures” or “ compressions”, as the fantasts-writers like to write. Here we have encountered different systems of indication and calculation, and the time calculation system is the time itself. Nevertheless, it is co-coordinating Harmuth version with our idea about extraterrestrial visitors’ use of the system of calculation of the “independent”, primary time to indicate the first moment of their visiting Earth. Visitors came to the Earth calculating their first visit date – 10,000 years ago – in their own calculation system. If this system was really used by visitors, we can not rule out that they use it in their everyday activity.

Turning back to the issue of correcting the overall evolution, one should be aware of that for realizing it extraterrestrial visitors would think about the strategies of controlling and its correction – namely, the structure of the controlled information being inserting in DNA (we can suppose their knowledge of it), and also the addresses of genomes realizing this strategy, or they would havesome means for their search. It is quite possible that random search as the most natural was an attribute for all reception stages.

In this way it is possible to present in general a possible mechanism of communication in the system DNA – extraterrestrial visitors and its realization with the purpose of controlling evolution in case if genomusic really exists and if fantastic incredible 65 regular visits of persons from another planet realizing the similar incredible 70-multiple evolution correction took place indeed. But it is possible to repeat one reasonable and puzzling question: if such visits did not  take place, what made a coincidence of the modeling result and the information announced by extraterrestrial visitors, if their information was not really inserted into the model, and the modeling led to a result  tallying with the control result and revealing the entire system of the relations that made it? Was these relations system able to become known without a model experiment, that is a priori? We already remarked that the answer to such doubts is only one: our modeling could be advanced either with the purpose of making a sensation and giving it plausible verified attributes, or disseminating plausible disinformation of the same sort about visiting Earth by persons from other planets. Science knows many ways to confirm (and refute) such statements, because of our exceptional approach to analyzing the extraterrestrial information, we have to question this version.

We drew the line between the influence resulted from controlling evolution and the influence resulted from the evolution correction. We believed that during their arrivals the visitors conducted their correcting intervention under the principle of feedback from the achieved changes of the species in comparison with the target function inserted by the pack of controlling impulses on the first visit. This means that within our model the “visitors” strategies of correction modeled controlling the stabilization in comparison with the set target function. We also distinguished the operators of natural evolution from the strategy of outer interference and considered the first to be the operators for natural technological processes due to be corrected, and the second – as artificial technologies of “production process”, taking into account the interaction of technologies within the models structure.
The term differentiation uniting these technologies, was introduced in the 80s by Academician Ugolev. It had its disputable reflection in the modeled structures: the difference between living and artificial is the nature of the ties establishing the operation within the living system. The unique feature of the cloning phenomenon (independently  on its purpose and the nature of the executor) is the artificial regulation of the living organism development processes by natural mechanisms. This very phenomenon was reflected in the models under our scrutiny. Similar models, with related explanations and interpretations, can be adjusted for direct illustrating possible results of artificial interference into the human genome.
The obtained results, according to the latest scientific information, confirm that transferring the signals setting the regulation of the living system from outside, could be conducted by extraterrestrial visitors by inserting information into DNA. This information has the form of the chain of controlling operators represented by the sequence of packs of DNA numerical codes being in accord with genomusic. It is possible that their hypothetical insertion of controlling strategies by means of genomusic was the simplest or maybe the only way of solving this issue for them. Currently we see this way as the practical opportunity to arrange transmission the controlling genetic information from outside to the genome localized in a certain DNA chromosome and being able to realize its reception. Here we approached the final and key purpose of our paper: it is aimed neither at proving no at disproving the visitors’ message.

We will interpret the term “controlling genetic information” as the message directed at the perception of control by the addressee-genome whose reception will result in irreversible stable state of preserving the function of the genome system to operate the target function of homeostasis – the system of supporting life functions, in the first place connected with preventing its switching to the program system of anti-homeostasis – start and development of malignant tumors. This means that we speak about the interference into the process of tumors development on the level of the programs controlling initialization and development. We believe that knowing the system of DNA coding, probably the one Japanese scientists discovered, it is possible to reproduce the “productive” influence of the reception like Retukulyans could do during their visits. Such viewpoint is based on the knowledge of the structure, compound, attributes and parameters for distributing the cell computer system of becoming malignant – anti-homeostasis and its elementary, network parameters and dynamisms extracted by the methods of general systems system. The knowledge sets the program and apparatus capacities for authentic and relatively simple monitoring for the process of becoming malignant of all the multitude of the cells composing this biological system and participating in this process.

Numerical indicating estimates of the moment about turning off the program having formed by the start of the anti-homeostasis system and its reverse switching to the system of homeostasis, and interruption of its function stops the process of initiating and, in some clinical cases, early intensification of tumor growth. There are instruments for conducting such estimates. To realize the mechanism of switching within anti-homeostasis system the switching function of phenilenetinelenoligomers molecules can be of use. The parameters of the cells bearing tumor figured out with the instrumental methods make easier addressing  the control genetic information which realizes the switching process.

All the parameters of the biological computer system of anti-homeostasis were determined with the high degree of authenticity on the verified clinical data, and this creates real opportunities for direct healing tumors, including preventing their arising. One more discovery of scientists on genetic makes this possible.

In August 2000, mass media reported about finding the experimental proof of existing the two genes whose mutations provoke arising malignant tumors, in particular within the lactic glands. These genes were called BRCA1 and BRCA2. Scientists decided to continue the search of other cells bearing tumor because the two discovered genes causing defects of DNA cause not more than 50 per cent of breast tumor forms. Specialists from the USA, Island, Germany, Finland and Sweden confirmed this conclusion and reported that there must be the third similar cell bearing tumor and it must be localized in the 13th out of the 24 human chromosomes. This determines the concrete addresses for controlling signals under the regime of direct access by means of “DNA-OOH” communicative system. This access is able to make intervention both in inter-cells and group information exchange to suppress the cells bearing tumor. This leads to the following questions:
- if the man learned to recognize the DNA code and single genes out of it, reflecting them by note codes, can this mean obtaining real capacity for recognizing the target program of becoming malignant – anti-homeostasis reflected in gene or other codes and in particular in the genes localized in the ill-fated 13th chromosome?

The key parameters of the networks of inter-cells and group interactions within the malignant tumor – capacities, parameters and markers for the full multitude of the full scope of its elements, groups of sub-multitudes and the parameters of their flows realized by the system of anti-homeostasis, and the parameters of localizing tumor in the multitude of its elements and all its state stages, have been determined and described.

The order of many entries and outlets for tumor in space and its time of development have been determined, described, marked and estimated along with the groups of active cells connected through the networks of group interactions on the target function they realize and transmitting the signals of aggressive controlling growth. If the previous statement about the direct access to the DNA genome is true, it means that currently we possess not only the means of the direct address access to the programs of the target function of the anti-homeostasis system which sets the realization of the process of becoming malignant and influencing this process.

There are all the grounds for the statement that the access to the multitude of the aggressive cells operating the network of anti-homeostasis, can be realized within the system of coding gene information through the channels of the multitude of elements of distributed computer biological system localizing tumor.

This sets the effective means of intervention into the functioning of both the systems of preserving – homeostasis and anti-homeostasis, and in this way planned control for operating the key life functions of the living organism.

Yakov Geldfanbein

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova