51 mistake in the third “Lord of the Rings”

Mistakes in Hollywood blockbu$ters is usual thing. Millions of dollars invested in such projects do not protect from errors of various visibility, which remain unseen by many people in charge. And when the film is screened in cinemas, maniac fans are as happy to search for those mistakes as to watch the film itself. Remember “Matrix”: they found 112 errors in the original movie, 84 in its sequel and at least 23 in the third part.

“Lord of the Rings” trilogy in this sense is no worse (or no better). While Russian fans are waiting to see another masterpiece by Peter Jackson, English critics from Daily Star found 51 mistakes in the movie already. Here are some of them:

When Frodo waves goodbye to other hobbits (before going with Gandalf), his finger bitten off by Gorlum, is magically in its place.

At a panorama of Minas Tirith there are a few guard towers. They suddenly disappear short before the battle, only one remains. However, the towers come back during the battle.

There are a few episodes with magic transformations. In the scene on Mountain of Fate, Sam’s got a dark bloody trace by his left eye. Then Frodo comes in and says sacramental “The Ring is mine”. Sam appears again, the trace is gone, like it was scared off by Frodo’s words.

With the same ease disappears blood of other Middle Earth inhabitants. In one battle scene Gandalf’s sword is covered with orcs’ blood, and then in a second it’s perfectly clear. Great magic of Gandalf the Grey!

It is understandable, that directors shooting blockbu$ters think no a way too wide dimension to be attentive to details. This job is saved to an army of viewers, who must have something to do during long winter (and strangling summer) nights…

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Author`s name Pavel Morozov