World's biggest book: 2 by 1.5 meters

The 60.3 kilogram book about Bhutan (a country in South-Eastern Asia) has been recognized the biggest book in the world.
Writing it took 4 liters of ink and the amount of paper enough to cover a football field. The author of the giant book is professor from Massachusetts Institute of Technology Michael Holey.

Every copy of the book “Bhutan: Odyssey  around the Kingdom" is 213.3 centimeters long by 152.3 centimeters broad, has 112 pages and costs about two thousand dollars. Holey is going to donate a part of the sum he will earn selling the book -10 thousand dollars to the charity foundation he established. The foundation builds schools in Cambodia and Bhutan. According to the Associated Press, the new book has already been enlisted in Guinness Book of Records.
Holey arranged many expeditions of students of the Institute to Kambodia and Bhutan – an isolated country with population of 700 thousand people. Then he decided to publish the photos he made in Bhutan to earn money for building schools there.

At first the professor did not plan to publish the biggest book in the world, but in a course of work on its colorful pictures he realized how exciting big photos of Bhutan’s nature and life are. Everything there is unusual, even rice is of red color.
According to those who saw the book you meet it like a person, face to face. Bookbinders had to invent a special mode of binding the book because of its enormous size.
Earlier another book - “Birds of America” by John Odabone was considered the biggest in the world. It is kept in the USA, Library of Congress, and is 106.7 centimeters long by 76.2 centimeters broad.


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Author`s name Pavel Morozov